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Fashion-spiration ~ Stylish business casual

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stylish business casual
I haven’t done a fashion-spiration post in a while, but I just spent some time last weekend going through my closet and picking out outfits for a conference in Vegas (which I’m currently at). Whenever I pick out businessy (yes, I just made that word up) outfits, I always end up trying a ton of different combos—tops, blazers, skirts, pants, heels…good lord, us ladies have a lot to think about. Since I work in a casual office and can wear jeans every day (thank goodness) getting dressed up for the conference has actually been really fun! I’m a fan of pencil skirts and blouses. Word to the wise: When trying this combo, make sure the pieces aren’t too tight. It can take you to va-va-voom pretty quick. Hot for date night. Awkward for biz meetings.

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Tuesday 30th of April 2013

Heck yea. I love this outfit. I love this look. I was scared of pencil skirts for a while, but then my MOM got me one for Christmas. I figured it was too sexy, but she approved (as did my husband). And now I love them. Granted, I'm 8 months pregnant now and can't really wear them. But soon! Soon, I say!