Fashion Looks ~ Hint of mint

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Before these fun, minty duds, all my pants were a boring denim blue. I loved brightly colored pants, but I thought it was one of those trends that looked great on other people–certainly not something I could pull off. One day while shopping in downtown, I was feeling brave and spied these pastel green skinnies at Zara. On a whim, I tried them on. I figured I was shopping by myself–I wouldn’t have to show anyone. If I looked like a complete doofus, no one would see. Shh. It’d be my little secret. But when I tried them on I thought, “Hey, I don’t look like total idiot! I actually look kinda cute!” And I swiftly fell in love. So if you haven’t tried brightly colored pants yet, I suggest you do it! If you’re a little shy, try some colors that aren’t the same ol’ denim blue, but still feel comfortable. Like oxblood (very trendy for fall), a different kind of blue (baby, dark teal, turquoise),  or a dark orange.


  1. Love your jeans! You look very sweet.
    Good thing you tried them 😉

  2. I felt the same way until I bought some red skinnies and mint skinnies! I love them!!



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    Thanks so much! I'm in love with mint at the moment 🙂

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    Thank you! I'll definitely check your blog out. Feel free to follow mine 🙂

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    Thanks! Aren't they just the best? Feel free to follow me btw 😉

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    I know! I love them! I'll definitely check out your tumblr. Feel free to follow WTFab! 😉

  7. LOVE the color mint & your jeans are cute!! You sound like me, I avoided the color jean fad for awhile bc I thought I couldn't pull it off! HAha

    xo Michelle
    Fierce & Fashionable

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    Thanks girlie! Haha I know right? I was kind've scared at first, but there just so much fun! Feel free to follow me!

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    Thank you! I definitely will and feel free to follow me!

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