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DIY ~ How to organize your rings

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I have a lot of rings. And jewelry, for that matter. A while back, I showed you how I organize my necklaces and bracelets. It’s been so nice to be able to easily see all of them, instead of digging through a mess of jewelry. So that was the inspiration behind this post—finding a way to nicely organize my rings. I found this cheap jewelry box at Marshall’s and made the top part into ring holders. Here’s what you’ll need:
– A box, frame, or even a shoe to turn into a ring holder (Confused? Scroll down to the bottom of the post and see the other ways people store their rings.)
– Batting
– Cute fabric
– Scissors
– Thread
– Hot glue gun
1. I started with this cute box.
DIY ring organizer
2. Measure the width of the box, frame, etc that you’ll be filling up. Mine happened to be 4 inches. Cut a piece of batting the same width, and about 6 inches long. Roll it up. Put a dot of hot glue at the end so it stays rolled up.
3. Cut a square piece of fabric that’s the same width as your batting. My fabric is 4×4 inches.
4. Start from the bottom corner and roll half way up.
5. Fold the corners in. 
6. Roll all the way up and sew ends to secure. Repeat steps 2-6 to create a bunch of these little batting-fabric pieces. Make enough so that when you stuff them into your ring box, they will securely hold your rings.
7. Put hot glue where you’ll be placing your batting.
8. Stuff your pieces of batting into your ring box.
9. Use a knife to smoosh the sides down and tuck them in.
10. Voila!
how to organize rings
Put your rings in.
how to organize your rings
And enjoy!
organizing rings
I love having all my rings organized like this. Super easy to see them all and find the one I’m looking for quickly. And this can be done in tons of different things, not just a box! I’ve seen it in picture frames, big and small, a serving tray, a cigar box, and even a shoe. So how do you organize your rings? Will you be creating something like this? If you do, tweet me a pic! @wtfab1

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