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We stopped to shoot these photos on our way to Tahoe, at the halfway point by the delta. I felt like I was in a wind tunnel, but at least it made for interesting photos ;). Also, how pretty is this necklace from bstrd? It’s actually an infinity chain that you can wear several different ways. I’ve been wanting to try a body chain for a while but it’s a little intimidating to jump head-first into, so I love that I can style it as a necklace and try some other styles as well. I’m already scheming poolside outfits for my bachelorette party that include this body chain in a forward Y-style.
On a totally unrelated to this outfit note, did you guys watch the Grammy’s last night? I thought it was really interesting (and sad) that Obama had a whole PSA about how music shapes our culture and can help stop domestic violence, and yet Chris Brown was nominated for a Grammy that evening (actually, three Grammys). Just a thought, but maybe a really easy start would be not recognizing a widely known woman abuser on a nationally televised awards show…

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