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My 7 Favorite Cult Gaia Dupes

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Best Cult Gaia dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab

If you love the aesthetics of Cult Gaia but don’t love their high prices, I’ve got seven Cult Gaia dupes that could pass for the real thing.

Cult Gaia has gained icon status for their quirky clothes and accessories that give major ‘70s vibes.

Click the images below to shop my top Cult Gaia dupes:

The brand is super trendy and Insta-famous (I’m sure you’ve seen that bamboo semi-circle bag a million times), so I’ve rounded up seven Cult Gaia dupes that are just as gorgeous for much lower prices.

Shop the best Cult Gaia dupes by clicking the images below!

To make things easy for you, you can shop for these products by clicking directly on the images, the shopping buttons, and of course, the text links. 

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Get ready to shop ‘til you drop! 

Top 7 Cult Gaia Dupes

Best Cult Gaia dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Etsy

1. 2Chique Boutique Women’s Bamboo Handbag 

Cult Gaia was founded in 2012 but didn’t take off until 2016 when it released the Gaia’s Ark handbag. 

This bamboo clutch became an instant classic with its eye-catching geometric design and airy cage silhouette. 

With a price tag of $118, Gaia’s Ark might not be the most expensive handbag in the world, but it isn’t cheap.

The 2Chique Boutique Women’s Bamboo Handbag is one of my favorite Cult Gaia dupes on this list. 

This bag has a similar half-moon shape as the original, and I love the fun touch of wooden beads around the handle. 

The 2Chique Boutique Bamboo Handbag has almost the exact design as Gaia’s Ark for just $59—trust me, no one will be able to tell it isn’t designer!

Best Cult Gaia dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Lulus

2. Lulus The Way I Feel Cutout Midi Sweater Dress

Another piece that I’m obsessed with is the Cult Gaia Serita Dress—I love how effortlessly sexy this knit maxi dress is thanks to its ultra-flattering cutouts that hug every curve just right.

The Serita Dress is available in a range of gorgeous colors, but my favorite is Sand because of how versatile the creamy beige color is. 

The only downside to Cult Gaia’s Serita Dress is the $275 price tag, but that’s where the Lulus The Way I Feel Cutout Midi Sweater Dress comes in. 

For just $62 you’re getting one of the best Cult Gaia dress dupes on the market. 

This midi dress is available in three beautiful colors, and the Tan version is super similar to Cult Gaia’s Serita Dress in Sand.

Slouchy silver rhinestone handbag.
Image via eBay

3. Yikoee Glitter Rhinestone Purse

The Hera Mini Rhinestone Shoulder Bag is a super fun Cult Gaia purse that you’ve probably seen all over Instagram. 

This slouchy shoulder bag is the perfect statement accessory for a night on the town thanks to its eye-catching rhinestones.

Cult Gaia’s rhinestone bag retails for $498, but I found an amazing dupe for a fraction of the price! 

The YIKOEE Glitter Rhinestone Purse looks very close to the original and comes in five dazzling colors.

This Rhinestone Purse dupe is selling out fast, so snatch one up while you can.

Click the images below to shop these Cult Gaia dupes:

Best Cult Gaia dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Old Navy

4. Old Navy Sleeveless Crochet Midi Swim Cover-Up Dress

Cult Gaia has some amazing knit cover-up dresses that are a must-have for any tropical vacation.

I think cover-ups are seriously underrated and can be super fun and flirty if you style them right, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $258 to a whopping $1500 for a name-brand Cult Gaia cover-up.

In my search for the best Cult Gaia dupes, I stumbled across this Old Navy Sleeveless Crochet Midi Swim Cover-Up Dress that I instantly fell in love with. 

The v-neck and side split details on this Old Navy dress make it flattering and not at all frumpy like some cover-ups tend to be. 

The best part about Old Navy’s swim cover-up is the $55 price tag.

Image via Lulus

5. Lulus On The List Marble Acrylic Box Clutch 

One of Cult Gaia’s most well-known accessories is the EOS Clutch

The bag itself is pretty simple with a classic rectangular shape and a beautiful marble design—what makes the EOS Clutch unique is the round beads running along the edge that add some fun flair. 

What’s not so fun is that $328 price tag, but I found a great $78 dupe instead.

The Lulus On The List Marble Acrylic Box Clutch is almost identical to Cult Gaia’s version, except the beads on this dupe are only on the top edge of the bag. 

This Box Clutch comes in a luxurious cream color as well as bright pink, which adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit.

Image via Tilly’s

6. Brixton Alice Packable Bucket Hat 

The Kumi Hat is a Cult Gaia classic that perfectly blends modern trends with timeless fashion.

This iconic accessory (which comes in Cream or Gold) offers a fresh take on old-school bucket hats. 

So what’s not to love? That $248 price tag!

The Brixton Alice Packable Bucket Hat is a much more affordable option that’s just as stylish.

This $69 bucket hat features the signature raw-edge brim that made the original version so unique. 

Do yourself a favor and save some money with this fashionable Cult Gaia dupe. 

Shop these Cult Gaia dupes by clicking the images below!

Image via Nordstrom

7. BP. Netta Platform Sandal

The last Cult Gaia dupe I’ll be covering is perfect if you love the brand’s quirky footwear collection but cringe at the $400-600 prices. 

All of Cult Gaia’s shoes are super unique, but their sandals and high heels are especially eye-catching with whimsical designs and bright pops of color. 

One of my favorites is the bubblegum pink Aliza Platform, but it’s hard to justify spending $458 on a pair of heels.

Instead, I recommend the BP. brand Netta Platform Sandal which retails for just $50. 

The Netta Platform isn’t identical to Cult Gaia’s version, but it’s just as fun and fashionable with wraparound straps, a flared heel, and that show-stopping pink color. 

I can picture these dupe sandals with the Lulus cutout dress and 2Chique Boutique bamboo handbag for an entire Cult Gaia-inspired ‘fit.   

I hope you love these Cult Gaia dupes as much as I do. Tag me on Insta (@wtfab) if you buy any so I can get some style inspo! 

Click the images below to start shopping Cult Gaia dupes:

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What is Cult Gaia known for?

Cult Gaia first became popular with the Gaia’s Ark bag and is known for its unique clothing and accessories.

What is the best Cult Gaia Gaia’s Ark dupe?

I recommend the 2Chique Boutique Women’s Bamboo Handbag.

What is the best Cult Gaia Serita Dress dupe?

The best Cult Gaia Serita Dress dupe is the Lulus The Way I Feel Cutout Midi Sweater Dress.

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