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Closet Cleanout

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One of my goals for the start of 2016 was to have a lighter apartment to go along with a fresh new year. Omied and I did a huge purge where we went through every corner of our apartment, with particular focus on our closets (ok, it was mostly me purging my sides of our over-flowing closets). We spent an entire three day weekend filling giant boxes and bags with stuff and labeling them for either trash, Goodwill or storage.
For storage, we used Omni, which I couldn’t wait to try it out as soon as I’d heard about it. Omni is a storage service that has totally blown my mind. When you download the app you can schedule a pick up, and they will come pick up everything you want to store. The amazing part is, they bring everything back to their warehouse and take photos of all your things that you’re storing. When you want something back, you just tap its photo on the app and check it out, and Omni will deliver it to you.


omni storage
I stored about 40 dresses with Omni since the weather is chilly right now.
omni storage
Within an hour everything Omni came to pick up from our apartment was photographed and on the app.
omni storage
Snorkeling gear is perfect to store with Omni, since we use it probably once a year.
Our apartment feels so much lighter after our huge clean out and we’re so happy about it! Omni is such an awesome storage solution and perfect for city living. The pricing is super reasonable and so worth freeing up some space and decluttering your home. I plan on switching items out as the seasons change. If you’d like to give Omni a try, be sure to use this link for a $25 credit (that’s enough to store over 80 dresses your first month!).

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