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California Love

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fall maxi dress
After returning from the frigid cold icebox that was Seattle last week, California’s weather felt like summer time to me! God I love California. Even though it was a little gloomy out, I was happy to be able to wear my new, sheer maxi dress from 1802 without freezing. To make it fall-appropriate (it wasn’t that warm, after all), I added a leather jacket, warm scarf, and my favorite fall booties.
I’m also loving this nail polish color from Sephora! While we were shopping around Seattle my coworker wanted to stop in Sephora to try some different lip colors. While I was waiting for her I got sucked into the nail polish aisle, and ended up giving myself a manicure—complete with base, color, and top coat! I got a little carried away. Every time a store associate walked by I half expected one of them to say, “Ma’am, those colors are for samples, not full on manicures.” But no one even raised an eyebrow and I left with a five minute mani. Too bad I had to wear gloves the rest of the day because it was so damn cold in Seattle!
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