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black and white skirt
I am seriously in love with this structured, striped skirt. The shape of it is so fun and unique, and every time I wear it I literally get stopped on the street by people asking me where I got it and complimenting it. Funny story about this skirt: I wore it to Autodesk’s Design Night and a young woman came up to me, complimented the skirt and asked where I got it. When I told her it was from a fashion subscription service she asked if it was LE TOTE. I said it was. Turns out she works there!

Jia and I shot these photos on an incredibly windy day. I’m sure I inadvertently flashed a few innocent bystanders, and for that good people of San Francisco, I apologize. But those wind-in-the-hair shots are just too tempting!

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  1. This skirt is amazing, girl! Love how full it is. Can't wait to see you next Sunday!

  2. It's true! It's so hard to take pictures in the wind wearing a skirt without flashing people… Love your skirt!

    Kate from Clear the Way

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