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Top 8 Bottega Veneta Earrings Dupes

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Top Bottega Veneta earrings dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab

Luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta is known for its fashion-forward jewelry and accessories, so I went on a mission to find the best Bottega Veneta earrings dupes. 

Though I occasionally splurge on designer brands, I usually prefer shopping for affordable alternatives whenever possible.

Click the images below to shop for these Bottega Veneta earring dupe picks:

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of high-quality and stylish Bottega earring dupes—the hard part is deciding which one to try first!

To help narrow your list of options, I’ve rounded up my top eight Bottega Veneta earrings dupe picks that look real.

To make things easy for you, you can shop for these products by clicking directly on the images, the shopping buttons, and the text links. 

These are my affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links (at no additional cost to you!), and I greatly appreciate you shopping with my links! 

Browse my picks for the best Bottega Veneta jewelry dupes by clicking below:

Bottega Veneta Earrings Dupes: Top 8 Picks

Top Bottega Veneta earrings dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Walmart

1. Autrucker Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings for Women

If you love the look of Bottega Veneta’s popular Small Drop Earrings, the Autrucker Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings for Women are about to become your new jewelry obsession.

These Chunky Hoop Earrings have a trendy teardrop shape that’s simple and sleek but effortlessly stylish.

You can never go wrong with a pair of classic gold hoops, and these Chunky Gold Waterdrop Earrings offer a fun twist on the accessory trend.

The Hoop Women’s Earrings come in a silver or gold finish for $8 a pair, or you can grab a set with both colors for $12.

Top Bottega Veneta earrings dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Etsy

2. Etsy Drip Silver Stud Earrings

I love shopping for jewelry on Etsy because it’s easy to find high-quality and affordable dupes for all the hottest styles.

These Drip Silver Earring Studs have an abstract design that looks like melting metal—I’ve never seen anything like it before.

The silver-tone Drip Studs remind me of the Corkscrew Earrings by Bottega Veneta, though they have a more delicate look.

There are two style and color options you can choose from for these Silver Earrings, and pairs start around $18.

Top Bottega Veneta earrings dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Mejuri

3. Mejuri Bold Huggie Hoops

Mejuri is one of the top names in the affordable jewelry industry, offering a gorgeous selection of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

I stumbled across these Bold Huggie Hoops while searching for the best Bottega earring dupe and instantly fell in love.

The small hoop earrings have a similar design to the luxury Essentials 18-Karat Gold-Plated Silver Hoop Earrings but cost a fraction of the price. 

Starting at $178, the Hoop Huggie Earrings are a splurge, but their timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship justify the hefty price tag.

These Huggie Gold Earrings come in 14k white or yellow gold, and you can pick up a pair or a single earring, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

Click the images below to shop for a Bottega Veneta earrings dupe:

Top Bottega Veneta earrings dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Anthropologie

4. Anthropologie Petra Mini Drop Earrings

Another gorgeous take on Bottega Veneta’s Drop Earrings is Anthropologie’s Petra Mini Drop Earrings.

These dainty and delicate Petra Drop Studs have a curved teardrop shape and come in four gorgeous shiny finishes.

Although the Petra Stud Earring has a simple design, it makes a bold statement thanks to the elegant shape and dazzling finish.

I’m a sucker for classic silver and gold, but these Mini Statement Earrings also come in trendy black and rose gold. 

Top Bottega Veneta earrings dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Etsy

5. Etsy Kylie Earrings

Etsy has done it again—this time, with the chunky, Bottega Veneta-inspired Kylie Earrings.

The gold Teardrop Hoop Earring has a chic and minimalist style that makes it a versatile accessory for whatever your day has in store.

Adding the Kylie Hoops as a finishing touch will instantly elevate any outfit and give your wardrobe some glamorous va-va-voom. 

These Teardrop Chunky Earrings come plated with 18k gold or 925 sterling silver and start at $65.

Image via Nordstrom

6. Open Edit Flattened Spiral Hoop Earrings

Open Edit’s Flattened Spiral Hoop Earrings have a fashion-forward design similar to the original Bottega Veneta Pleat Earrings.

I was immediately drawn to these Flattened Spiral Earrings for their unique and whimsical shape.

The flattened spiral look gives these bold gold hoop earrings the perfect texture to stand out.

Made from recycled brass with a radiant gold plated finish, the Flattened Hoops are an impressive Bottega Veneta dupe for just $25.

Shop my favorite Bottega Veneta earrings dupe picks by clicking the images below:

Image via Sahira Jewelry Design

7. Sahira Jewelry Design Jenna Link Earrings

Does your jewelry collection need a hint of stylish edge? Introducing Sahira Jewelry Design’s gorgeous Jenna Link Earrings.

Inspired by the luxurious Chain Earrings from Bottega Veneta, the Jenna Earrings have a fashionable chain-link design.

These Link Earrings are the perfect size and weight to be eye-catching without overpowering your features—they come in silver or gold tones, so it’s easy to find a pair that fits your style.

The Link Jenna Earrings retail for $60, a steal compared to the expensive af Bottega Veneta version. 

Image via Nordstrom Rack

8. Madewell Twisted Triangle Hoop Earrings

The last Bottega Veneta fashion earrings dupe I had to share is the Twisted Triangle Hoop Earrings by Madewell.

Madewell always nails the latest fashion, accessory, and jewelry trends, and these textured Triangle Earrings are no exception.

These Twisted Hoops boast a subtle geometric and triangular shape that makes a subtle statement—they’re a spot-on alternative to the Essentials 18k Gold-Plated Silver Twisted Triangle Hoop Earrings.

You can easily style these Triangle Twisted Earrings up or down for any occasion thanks to their simple and versatile design, and a pair will cost you $32.

I hope you’re inspired to treat yourself to a new pair of earrings after reading this Bottega Veneta earring dupe roundup!

Be sure to tag me on Insta (@wtfab) if you try any of my earrings picks so I can get your thoughts.

Check out the best Bottega Veneta earrings dupe picks by clicking the images below:

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Where is Bottega Veneta based?

Bottega Veneta is a designer brand based in Italy.

What’s the best Bottega Veneta Teardrop Earrings dupe?

Check out Anthropologie’s Petra Mini Drop Earrings.

What’s the best Bottega Veneta Silver Hoop Earrings dupe?

I love Madewell’s Twisted Triangle Hoop Earrings.

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