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Right after my trip to Seattle, I came home, unpacked, repacked, and headed to Boston. The frigidness that was Seattle the week before helped prepare me for the Boston weather, although when my sister told me to pack Long Johns all I could think was, “What?? I live in California. I don’t own Long Johns!” I felt like this youtube video of Californians trying to understand winter survival hacks.

Even though Boston made me feel like a total pansy when it comes to weather (and it wasn’t even snowing!) it was still beautiful and I loved visiting. Here are some iPhone leftovers that didn’t quite make it on to Instagram.

downtown boston

brunch in boston

[above] My sister has been snapchatting me brunches at Lulu’s Allston for a while and I couldn’t wait to try their White Trash Hash and their pumpkin cream cheese-stuffed toast. They did not disappoint. [below] We took a stroll through Boston commons and the crunchy leaves on the ground were so very fall.

boston commons
boston in the fall
fenway park

boston ice bar

I’ve always wanted to try an ice bar, and we stopped at one in down. We barely stayed 30 minutes, since everything (even the glasses) are made of ice, and it’s a bit chilly in there. I downed a hot toddy shortly afterwards to warm up.

ice bar in boston
boston downtown
boston university


Exploring my sister’s campus (Boston University) a bit. You can shop this cozy look here.


seafood in boston

The sister and I shared a fancy dinner at Island Creek Oyster Bar. For starters, we sipped on spiced fall cocktails and slurped oysters. For the main course, we split a lobster roll and a lobster pasta that is out of this freaking world.

where to eat in boston

travel blogger

Love flying into the sunset.

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Amery Calven

Thursday 26th of March 2015

Cool pics...!! I really enjoyed reading your blog. Being a tourists i always capture my snaps while i am on my tour somewhere like you guys. And no doubt Boston offers mesmerizing and fabulous attractions among tourists. I am going fro my 3 Day Boston to New York Tour with my friends in next week. Would love to make a remarkable pleasant memories there as you captured.