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Black sheep

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While this outfit was arguably a little too sexy for Easter Sunday, I wore it anyways! This asymmetrical sweater dress from LeMuse is wool, so it’s super warm and comfy, and I love how the material falls and folds. It just makes it look so effortlessly chic. You can get one here! Btw, I love their video on their home page. So cute. Makes me want tea and crumpets on a rainy day while wearing my new wool sweater dress.

The sassy tights are from HauteLegs. I met Monica, the founder, at SF FashionTech Week, and love her platform. It’s a subscription and you log in and take a style quiz, and based on that quiz you’re sent 3 (or 2, if you’d prefer) pairs of tights each month. As we all know, your favorite pair of tights will eventually rip and snag. But at least with HauteLegs, you know you have more tights coming each month! And it’s fun to get a surprise in the mail each month—you don’t know exactly which tights you’ll receive, just that they’ll match your personal style. I received 2 other super cute pairs from HauteLegs, so be on the look out for more posts with them over the next couple weeks!


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Tuesday 11th of June 2013

blk and gold my fave! amazing tights too! xO!


Thursday 11th of April 2013

pretty fabulous pair of pins x x xx dicky doo x x x

Monday 8th of April 2013

perfect tights :)

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Thursday 4th of April 2013

You look great and I like that tights. Very nice hair.. Have a great day.