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The Best Time to Visit Morocco: A Complete Guide

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The best time to visit Morocco, by travel blogger What The Fab

Morocco has become one of my favorite places to travel thanks to its beautiful scenery, diverse culture, and delicious food, so I’m sharing a complete guide on the best time to visit Morocco throughout the year. 

You can spend days exploring the souks of Marrakesh or discovering remnants of ancient history in Fes—there are so many cool things to do and see, you’ll want to start planning your next trip before you even get home!

Things to do in Morocco by travel blogger What The Fab

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Before booking your flights, hotels, and tours, it’s important to make sure you’re picking the best time to visit Morocco so you can have an amazing vacation.

The best time to visit Morocco depends on what you hope to see and do during your trip, so I’ll be breaking things down season by season to help you decide.

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The Best Time to Visit Morocco

About Morocco

Morocco is a North African country that borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. 

This gorgeous country is known for being home to the largest desert in the world, the Sahara Desert, which provides endless opportunities for camel riding, sandboarding, quad biking, and more. You can read my post about the best things to do in Merzouga and the Sahara Desert here.

The natural geography and cities of Morocco look like a whole other planet, and the country is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever traveled to.

Morocco has an incredibly rich and vibrant culture with Arabic and French influences that are evident in everything from architecture and religion to traditional foods and music. 

Some of the most popular cities to visit in Morocco include Marrakesh, Fes, and Chefchaouen, and all have unique but equally incredible vibes. 

Millions of people from all over the world travel to Morocco every year, and there’s really no shortage of activities and sights to enjoy. 

Feeling ready to hop on a camel and take off on a sunset dune ride?

First, let’s talk about the best time to visit Morocco based on what vacay vibes you’re going for. 

Spring in Morocco

Spring is probably one of the best times to visit Morocco thanks to the beautiful weather that lets you try all the outdoor activities your heart desires. 

From March to May, temperatures in Morocco are mild and not too hot—perfect for sightseeing and exploring without breaking a sweat.

The downside to visiting Morocco in the spring is prices can be higher and popular attractions might be busy but with such great weather, it’s honestly worth it IMO.

I will say that we visited in May and it was HOT. Like 99 or 100 degrees Fahrenheit some days, which was pretty brutal. All the locals said that this was really unusual and it was unseasonably hot. We were just glad it was a dry heat and not humid!

I think April probably would have been ideal.

Weather in Morocco in Spring

In the spring, temperatures in Morocco tend to hover around a comfortable mid-70s Fahrenheit, which is my ideal weather for exploring outside.

The days during this season in Morocco are a bit longer than the rest of the year so you have plenty of sunshine and clear skies to embark on all the Sahara Desert adventures.

If the main thing you’re traveling to Morocco for is the desert, spring is a great time of year to visit since temperatures are still mild and you won’t have to worry about melting in the hot African sun.

Activities in Morocco in Spring

There’s no shortage of fun ways to get outside and enjoy spring in Morocco. 

Of course, you have to take a trip into the Sahara Desert to explore the dunes by camelback, on an ATV, or in a Jeep.  

If you really want to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture, consider spending the night camping in luxury so you can enjoy the sunset, gaze at twinkling stars, and experience the most incredible sunrise of your life. 

After enjoying the sun and sand, make your way to the Atlas Mountains, a massive range of jungles and towering peaks that separate the desert from the coastline.

For the ultimate spring Morocco trip you could also travel over to one of the country’s gorgeous towns along the Atlantic coast, like Essaouira or Agadir.

Festivals in Morocco in Spring

Spring is a great time of year to visit Morocco if you want to experience some of the country’s music, art, and cultural festivals. 

One of the most unique spring events in Morocco is the International Nomad Festival which takes place in the Sahara Desert.

This incredible gathering is all about the culture and heritage of nomadic trade caravans that travel throughout the country to buy, sell, and trade different goods. 

It’s important to remember the Islamic tradition of Ramadan—a month of fasting and prayer—is observed in Morocco during the spring so some restaurants, shops, museums, and historic sites might be closed.

I would recommend checking the dates for Ramadan and avoiding them if you can, just so you ensure you’re able to visit and experience everything you want to during your time here.

Summer in Morocco

I’m not gonna lie—summer in Morocco gets hot!

Seriously, temperatures throughout Morocco regularly reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during summer so make sure to pack and plan appropriately if you visit during this time.

Thankfully, there are still plenty of ways to beat the heat if you decide to visit Morocco in the summer.

Flight and hotel prices for Morocco drop significantly during this time of year and there are fewer tourists so you won’t have to fight for a spot at any attractions.

Weather in Morocco in Summer

Temperatures in Morocco during the summer range from high 90s Fahrenheit to upwards of 105 Fahrenheit.

Don’t let the high temperatures discourage you—there are plenty of ways to stay cool in Morocco. 

Many hotels throughout the country have air conditioning, and a lot of restaurants provide shade with plants and umbrellas. 

If you think you can handle the heat, as long as you wear light and flowy outfits you’ll be good to go!

Activities in Morocco in Summer

I recommend avoiding the typical Sahara Desert activities during summer since it gets uncomfortably hot and sandstorms can also be a concern.

Instead, explore some of Morocco’s gorgeous coastal towns where the ocean breeze provides the perfect relief from the dry desert air.

Taghazout is a small but bustling Moroccan town known for excellent surfing and its close proximity to the stunning Paradise Valley, a palm tree-lined gorge with crystal-clear natural pools for swimming and tanning. 

The surfy, coastal vibes of Taghazout almost remind me of towns along the California coast—sometimes it’s nice to have a little taste of home during a vacation!

Festivals in Morocco in Summer

Anyone who loves festivals will be excited to hear there are tons of summertime events throughout Morocco.

From the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music to the Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira, Morocco knows how to throw an epic festival! 

You’ll have so much fun dancing the night away to the sounds of traditional Arabic music that you won’t ever want to leave.

Fall in Morocco

Aside from spring, fall would be my top pick for the best time to visit Morocco.

Fall is the perfect season to explore Morocco because the temperatures are perfectly mild and peak tourist season is just starting—if you time it right, you can hit all the top activities without battling crazy crowds.

There’s an incredible energy in the air during fall in Morocco that you can see and feel as you walk through the city souks, explore ancient landmarks, and embark on adrenaline-pumping desert adventures. 

Weather in Morocco in Fall

Fall in Morocco is very pleasant and comfortable weatherwise with temperatures staying around mid to high 60s Fahrenheit.

Rain is a bit more common during the fall months in Morocco but overall you can expect clear skies and mild conditions—a welcome break from the sweltering summer heat!

Activities in Morocco in Fall

Fall is one of the best times to visit Morocco if you want to do a lot of desert activities like quad biking or Jeep safaris

Temperatures will be much more comfortable for outdoor adventures and if you visit around August or September most of Morocco’s popular attractions will still be a bit slower than during peak seasons.

October starts to get into the busy season for Morocco tourism so be prepared for longer wait times and more crowds of people when you go out to explore.

One of my favorite fall Morocco activities is visiting Chefchaouen, a small village that’s painted entirely blue and is so Instagram-worthy.

Festivals in Morocco in Fall

While spring and summer are the best months to visit Morocco when it comes to festivals, fall has plenty of options to offer, too.

The Erfoud Date Festival happens annually in October and is a three-day-long celebration of a massive harvest of dried dates.

A whole festival about dates might sound super niche, but there’s so much indulgent food to try and the whole atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Winter in Morocco

If you want a lowkey vacation with minimal crowds and don’t mind risking the chance of chilly, rainy weather, winter might be the ideal time to plan a trip to Morocco.

Fair warning, many popular attractions and sights are closed during the winter in Morocco, but if you stay somewhere cozy in the southern region of the country there are still a lot of fun things to do. 

Winter might also be the best time to visit Morocco if you want to plan a budget-friendly vacation since many travel rentals will be significantly cheaper.

Weather in Morocco in Winter

The winter months in Morocco are fairly mild with temperatures hovering anywhere from low 60s to high 70s Fahrenheit.

Rainfall is common during this time of year, so make sure to pack plenty of waterproof gear.

The northern regions of Morocco are much more susceptible to cold, damp weather, so I’d recommend staying in the southern area if you visit in winter.

Activities in Morocco in Winter

Typical Moroccan activities might include camel riding and hiking through the dunes, but did you know you can also go skiing in Morocco?

Above the clouds in the Atlas Mountains, you can find Oukaimeden Ski Resort, the highest ski resort in Africa.

Even if you’re not a big skier, paying a visit to this Moroccan ski resort is a one-of-a-kind experience and the views are incredible. 

If you’d prefer to stay warm and cozy during your winter trip to Morocco (I don’t blame you!), you can’t go wrong with a private tour through one of the country’s iconic landmarks, like the historic village of Ait Ben Haddou.

Festivals in Morocco in Winter

New Year’s Eve is a huge deal in Morocco, so there are plenty of seasonal winter festivals that celebrate the end of the year with fireworks, music, performances, and more.

Morocco actually celebrates three New Year’s dates based on local Christian, Islamic, and Amazigh (also known as Berber) traditions.

Fes, Marrakesh, and Merzouga are three incredible towns to spend New Year’s (check out my Marrakesh nightlife guide here) and many hotels and restaurants will host celebrations during this time.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Morocco?

Spring and fall are both the best times of year to visit Morocco for mild weather, reasonable prices, and normal crowds.

Summer in Morocco means fewer crowds which is great for attending festivals and exploring cities, but not ideal if you want the full Sahara Desert experience (or to not be sweaty).

Winter can be an unpredictable time of year to visit Morocco when it comes to weather, and some activities might be closed for the season.

Regardless of when you decide the best time to visit Morocco is for you, I can guarantee it will be an unforgettable experience that you won’t regret.

Tag me on Insta (@wtfab) if you take a trip to Morocco so I can see what adventures you get into!

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Is Morocco worth visiting?

Yes, Morocco is worth visiting for the rich culture, incredible food, and gorgeous natural landscapes.

When is the best time to visit Morocco to explore the Sahara Desert?

Spring and fall are the best times to visit Morocco for mild temperatures that are ideal for outdoor adventures.

When is the best time to visit Morocco for festivals?

Spring and summer are the best time to plan a trip to Morocco if you want to attend lots of festivals.

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