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Where to Find the Best Poke in Kauai

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Best poke in Kauai, by travel blogger What The Fab

Poke is one of my all-time favorite foods, so I set off to find the best poke in Kauai on my latest trip to Hawaii, and boy, do I have some mouthwatering spots to share with you!

If you aren’t familiar, poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish of cubed raw fish marinated in a soy and sesame oil-based sauce and usually paired with rice, fresh vegetables, and assorted toppings like seaweed, mayo sauce, chili oil, and more.

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Packed with a delicious variety of flavors and textures, poke is a fantastic dish you must try at least once in your life, and what better place than Hawaii?

Kauai is crawling with delicious seafood restaurants that serve insanely fresh and flavorful poke, so these are my picks for where to find the best poke in Kauai.

Best Poke in Kauai: 10 Mouthwatering Spots

Best poke in Kauai, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via The Fish Express

1. The Fish Express

The Fish Express is one of the top poke spots on the island of Kauai, and you’ll find both locals and tourists enjoying the restaurant’s tasty bowls.

You can’t go wrong at The Fish Express, with an entire menu of delicious fresh fish sourced from local waters and high-quality ingredients.

The salmon, lobster, and classic ahi poke bowls are all customer favorites but don’t forget to try their hamachi and tako dishes, too.

Hawaii can be expensive, but The Fish Express is an excellent option for budget-conscious travelers.

Parking may be hard to come by when visiting The Fish Express, but it’s well worth it for the generous portion sizes listed at unbeatable prices.

Best poke in Kauai, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via Hanalei Poke

2. Hanalei Poke

Experience authentic Hawaiian flavors at Hanalei Poke, known for serving some of the best poke bowls in Kauai.

This little roadside shack might not look like much outside, but it serves up some of the island’s most fresh and delicious seafood creations. 

With an array of proteins, vegetables, and toppings, you can craft the perfect bowl with fresh ingredients that will leave you wanting more.

Don’t just take my word for it—Guy Fieri from the Food Network gave Hanalei Poke his stamp of approval on the show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives!

Best poke in Kauai, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via Konohiki Seafoods

3. Konohiki Seafoods

For a truly unforgettable poke experience, you have to visit Konohiki Seafoods.

Here you’ll find incredibly fresh poke bowls crafted with unique local flavors and ingredient combinations. 

With so many yummy menu options to accommodate any taste preferences, picking just one dish at Konohiki Seafoods is difficult. 

The quality at this poke spot is incomparable, and the sauces are out of this world—anything you order is sure to be delicious.

If you’re feeling indecisive, try the legendary hamachi poke dish and prepare to be amazed.

Best poke in Kauai, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via Koloa Fish Market

4. Koloa Fish Market

Koloa Fish Market is one of Kauai’s hottest spots for world-class poke bowls that will blow you away.

With a rotating menu of tasty options, there’s always something unique and delicious to try at the market.

Koloa Fish Market operates as a straightforward walk-up counter and isn’t the most aesthetic establishment, but trust me—the menu items are incredibly flavorful.

You’ll often find locals and tourists waiting in line to get their poke bowl fix from Koloa Fish Market, so you know it has to be good.

One important thing to note is Koloa Fish Market is cash only, so come prepared.

Best poke in Kauai, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via Foodland

5. Foodland

Many great restaurants serve poke bowls throughout Kauai, but you can also get a tasty dish at the local Foodland grocery store.

Foodland is a Hawaiian grocery chain always stocked with mouthwatering poke selections that will have you craving more.

The poke bowls from Foodland are bursting with flavor and crafted with the finest Hawaiian ingredients to ensure every bite packs a punch.

From traditional poke bowl offerings to unique flavor combinations, there’s an endless supply of deliciousness to discover at Foodland—all for an affordable price, too.

Best poke in Kauai, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via Pono Market

6. Pono Market

Treat yourself to a Hawaiian feast at Pono Market, a charming spot situated on the east side of Kauai.

This casual, deli-style shop offers an array of delicious poke bowls and plate lunches that’ll give you plenty of fuel for a day of Hawaii adventures.

Whether you prefer fresh ahi, tako, shrimp, or salmon in your poke bowl, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Pono Market.

Pono Market also offers spicy poke bowl options for anyone craving heat, and their daily menu specials are delectable.

Best poke in Kauai, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via Sleeping Giant Grill

7. Sleeping Giant Grill

On a warm Hawaiian day, there’s no better place to chow down on lunch or dinner than Sleeping Giant Grill.

The grill has a lowkey and laidback atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome, and the unassuming outdoor seating gives no indication of the fantastic food that awaits you.

Every bowl at Sleeping Giant Grill features the freshest locally-sourced fish, vegetables, and more to provide an exceptional dining experience you won’t soon forget.

If you’re unsure what to try, I recommend the sesame ahi poke—it’s a classic for a good reason.

Image via Kauai Poke Co.

8. Kauai Poke Co.

Kauai Poke Co. is known for serving up some of the best poke bowls in Kauai, making it a must-visit spot.

While the menu at Kauai Poke Co. is undeniably tasty, the excellent customer service is also one of the restaurant’s main draws. 

All the staff at Kauai Poke Co. are friendly and helpful, and they’re always happy to provide recommendations or answer questions about the menu items, which makes the experience enjoyable. 

With a name like Kauai Poke Co., your expectations for delicious poke should be pretty high, and thankfully, it doesn’t disappoint. 

Kauai Poke Co. is constantly reinventing classic poke bowls and Hawaiian dishes with their creative fusion recipes—simply put, you’ll never get bored sampling the menu.

Image via Kilauea Fish Market

9. Kilauea Fish Market

After a long day exploring everywhere from North Shore, Oahu, to Maui, return to Kauai to treat yourself to a much-deserved poke bowl from Kilauea Fish Market.

This hidden gem on Kauai’s famed north coast specializes in fresh seafood dishes, and the sesame ahi poke bowl served over white or brown rice is always a hit. 

Kilauea Fish Market is the perfect place to grab a quick bite in the afternoon or a full meal in the evening.

The poke bowls from this market come loaded with generous portions of fresh-caught fish, and you can create a unique combination of ingredients to satisfy any poke bowl craving.

Image via The Musubi Truck

10. The Musubi Truck

My last recommendation on where to find the best poke in Kauai is The Musubi Truck, which specializes in fusion-style poke creations.

If you haven’t heard of musubi, it’s an iconic Hawaiian snack made with Spam and rice—I know it sounds like a strange combination, but it’s a must-try!

The Musubi Truck combines this classic Hawaiian dish with poke bowls to create one-of-a-kind meals that perfectly capture the best island flavors.

The possibilities at this beloved food truck are endless, from spicy tuna musubi to ahi poke musubi. 

This spot tends to get pretty busy, so plan your visit accordingly.

I don’t know about you, but I’m craving a huge poke bowl!

Tag me on Insta (@wtfab) if you visit any of these Kauai poke spots so I can see what you end up trying.

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What is a poke bowl?

Poke bowls are a Hawaiian dish made of cubed raw fish marinated in sauce, usually paired with rice and vegetables, and topped with various sauces and garnishes.

Does Ishihara Market sell poke bowls?

Sadly, Ishihara Market closed in March 2023.

What fish markets in Kauai sell poke bowls?

Koloa Fish Market, Pono Market, and Kilauea Fish Market in Kauai sell delicious poke bowls.

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