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Best Carry on Luggage for Women: Top 10 Options

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Best Carry on Luggage for Women, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

I’ve done my fair share of traveling and would say that I’m somewhat of a pro when it comes to packing and organizing for a trip. So today I’m covering all of the best carry on luggage for women!

With travel restrictions easing up, that means we can finally travel to those destinations we’ve been dreaming about—Greece is that place for me. If you’re traveling for a weekend or you want to save money by not checking in a bag, finding the right luggage is key to a stress-free trip.

There are so many options online to choose from like a mini carry on luggage to a large duffel bag to large carry on backpacks—the list can go on. You’d be surprised to see how many cute and functional options there are!

10 Best Carry On Luggage for Women

Best Carry on Luggage for Women, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

1. The Bigger Carry On by AWAY

This is the carry on luggage I currently use for all of my travels! I love AWAY so much and have been using their luggage for a while now.

Their luggage is just so cute. As Omied says, it’s very “bloggy.” When I think about the best carry on luggage for women, AWAY immediately comes to mind.

The Bigger Cary On is the PERFECT size to fit all of your essentials—it’s 22.7″ x 14.7″ x 9.6″ and TSA approved. It’s a polycarbonate hard shell suitcase and the best part is the ejectable USB charger that can charge your phone up to 4 times.

The USB charger has saved me so many times in the airport when there are no free outlets available but you want to stay near your terminal. Do note though that if you decide to check this carry-on for any reason, you’ll have to take the battery pack out (it pops out easily).

The AWAY carry on has an interior compression system and a laundry bag to make packing so much easier. It’s also super lightweight, making it perfect for shorter trips that don’t require flying, like a weekend roadtrip.

AWAY is amazing and has a lifetime warranty on any damages to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers, and any of the pieces that make the luggage functional. The only downside is the USB charger is not covered in the warranty, so that’s something to keep note of. 

They also come in so many gorgeous colors. Of course, I had to get the blush color because I’m a sucker for pink and pastels.

Best Carry on Luggage for Women, by Travel Blogger What The Fab
Image by Beis

2. The Weekender by Beis

The Weekender is one of the most aesthetic travel bags I’ve ever seen. It comes in 3 different colors, but the beige option is my fav.

It’s a carry on approved size and has easy-access openings to make getting things in and out a breeze.

The best part in my opinion is the bottom compartment that’s designed to keep your shoes or toiletries separate from your clothes—no need to worry about getting anything important dirty or covered in lotion that explodes during your flight.

If you’re traveling on a longer trip and have to check in a bag as well, this carry on has a super convenient zipper pocket on the back that turns into a trolley sleeve to fit over your luggage handle.

There’s a pocket sleeve on the inside to carry your laptop or tablet to keep them safe. The inside also has a water-resistant lining. 

I can’t get over this travel bag because everything has such easy access and there are so many pockets to store as much as possible. I’m super tempted to get a Weekender Bag for myself because it’s so cute and so useful for mini trips.

Best Carry on Luggage for Women, by Travel Blogger What The Fab
Image via Chester

3. Chester Minima Carry On Luggage

The Chester Minima Carry On Luggage is another great option, it’s kind of similar to the AWAY carry on luggage except this one doesn’t have the USB charger. I’m obsessed with all the color options they offer—the desert color is currently catching my eye.

It’s made with a hardshell case on the outside and has 360-degree hardside spinners. I personally love when your luggage has the ability to roll forwards and backward just because it’s less of a hassle to move around.

This one has a TSA approved lock on the top to secure all of your goods. The telescoping handle is designed to be ergonomic with two lock positions for ultimate control and maneuverability. 

Since it’s so small and lightweight you won’t struggle at all carrying it around.

Best Carry on Luggage for Women, by Travel Blogger What The Fab
Image via Rimowa

4. Rimowa Original Cabin

The Rimowa Orginal Cabin is the most expensive carry on option, but I had to include it because it’s so gorgeous. It’s an aluminum suitcase with its infamous distinctive grooves.

Everything is TSA approved and the flex divider is the best part because it keeps all of your packed items in place even if you move the luggage around.

I love that the Rimowa looks like a blend between a briefcase and a luxurious trunk. Walking around with this luggage will make you look so high-class and trendy.

This luggage comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee when you register it online, however, if you don’t register it online then you have a 2-year limited warranty on it. 

Best Carry on Luggage for Women, by Travel Blogger What The Fab
Image via Delsey Paris

5. Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hard+

The Delsey Chatelet Hard+ is a 21″ carry on spinner that has a gorgeous exterior design that will go with all of your travel outfits. 

The interior has removable hangers, laundry, and shoe bags with 2 large lined compartments. The web straps will keep your items secure and wrinkle-free.

This carry on luggage is unique in that it has a brake system that locks the 2 front wheels to prevent your bag from rolling away. Everything is also TSA-approved.

The best part is the built-in tracking device to make sure you always find your stuff. This specific luggage has a 10-year warranty so you don’t have to stress if something happens since you can get it replaced.

Best Carry on Luggage for Women, by Travel Blogger What The Fab
Image via CalPak

6. CalPak Murphie Underseat Carry-On Luggage

The CalPak Murphie Underseat Carry On is a fun option because it’s more compact and can be easily stored away in smaller places. I’m obsessed with the lavender color it comes in—it’s super neutral to go with any of your outfits.

It has inline skate wheels to easily move around and this design also has that trolley feature to place on top of any luggage, which is super convenient. The water-resistant pockets make it easy to store all of your toiletries and travel essentials together. 

There’s also a storage divider pocket to separate things like your shoes or clothes. You’ll be able to fit a lot more in here than your standard backpack. 

This is the perfect option if you’re looking for something smaller and chic.

Best Carry on Luggage for Women, by Travel Blogger What The Fab
Image via Amazon

7. Kenneth Colle Reaction Out Of Bounds 20-Inch Carry-On Luggage 

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bound Wheeled carry on is one of the more affordable options if you’re shopping on a budget.

This carry on luggage has everything you need from a hard shell exterior to keep things safe, 4-degree spinner wheels, and a fully lined interior with pockets.

It’s 21.75” H x 14.5” W x 8.5” D making it pretty spacious to carry all of your essentials, you could easily fit a few outfits and shoes in here. It also comes in so many different colors so you have a lot of options to choose from.

Best Luggages, by Travel Blogger What The Fab
Image via Briggs & Riley

8. Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry On Expandable Spinner

The Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic is your classic carry on luggage. It’s not the most aesthetic-looking carry on, but it’s super practical and spacious.

It has double spinner wheels making it easy to travel with and has CX technology that expands the bag up to 25% when you need more packing space.

This one doesn’t have that hard outer shell but instead has a durable ballistic nylon outer fabric. There are so many pockets and you would be surprised to see how much you can fit in here without needing to check in a bag.

Best Luggages, by Travel Blogger What The Fab
Image via eBags

9. eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible

The Mother Lode Weekender Convertible is a travel backpack carry on made to be extremely lightweight. 

It has pockets strategically placed inside and out of the backpack so you can organize everything more easily. It comes in a few different colors all of them are on the darker side—sorry no pastels.

I highly recommend getting some packing cubes for this backpack to make storing more easier and you’ll be able to fit a lot more. It’s also expandable with the external compression straps so even if you pack it full you can just buckle it down to ensure it still fits in the overhead bin. 

Best Luggages, by Travel Blogger What The Fab
Image via Amazon

10. Travelpro Platinum Elite Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage

The TravelPro Platinum Elite is another soft carry on luggage style. It’s super expandable and has that external USB port to charge your devices on the go.

You can travel with ease because of the 360 spinners and there’s even a fold-out suiter to pack your clothes wrinkle-free. There’s also a ton of pockets and compartments to fit as much as possible while you’re traveling.

It has a lifetime warranty on it so you never have to worry about getting another carry on luggage again.

Those were all of my picks for the best carry on luggage for women! I hope this helped narrow things down for you in finding the right luggage for you.

I’m so excited for you all to be traveling again. Definitely tag me on @wtfab on Insta so I can see which option you went with and where you’re off to.

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What is the best size for carry-on luggage?

The best size for carry on luggage is 22″ x 14″ x 9″.

Which brand of luggage is the most durable?

The most durable luggage brands are:
– Beis
– Chester
– CalPak

Is it better to have hard or soft luggage?

It’s up to you and your preferences. However, I would opt for a hard shell luggage since it’s more weather resistant and keep your items more protected.

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