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The Best Airbnbs in Europe

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The best Airbnbs in Europe, by travel blogger What The Fab

If you’re looking for a wanderlust-worthy post, you’ll love this list of the best Airbnbs in Europe!

Europe is such a top destination. There are old cities, beautiful neighborhoods, and delicious cuisines to discover. Hotels can be pricey, and hostels aren’t…well, they’re hostels!

So what does that leave?


They have amazing per-night prices and often boast some truly cool interior design.

Let me link you up now with the best Airbnbs in Europe, so you know what’s on offer when you decide to jet-set to this stunning part of the world!

Best Airbnbs in Europe

So, there you have it guys—the best Airbnbs in Europe. For most of these gorgeous places, I can’t even.

If you’re looking for all inclusive 2 bedroom suites in Europe, this post has you covered.

Make sure to tag me when you share your Insta posts and stories to show me what you chose… and to remind me to pencil in a Europe trip soon!

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