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15 Fun Bachelorette Party Games (Naughty and Nice!)

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If you’re in charge of planning a bachelorette party and need some ideas on fun bachelorette party games, I’ve got your back!

I recently threw my sister a tropical bachelorette party in Honolulu and had to do some serious digging to find X-rated bachelorette party games that are fun and not too cheesy.

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Regardless of what bachelorette party theme you’re going for, I’ve got 15 party games your “I do” crew is sure to love.

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These are my affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links (at no additional cost to you!) and I greatly appreciate you shopping with my links!

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Fun Bachelorette Party Games

Fun bachelorette party games, by wedding blogger What The Fab
Image via Amazon

1. Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

The first game I recommend is a good old-fashioned bachelorette party scavenger hunt. This is best done on whichever night you think you’ll be the drunkest. 😉

Whether you’re keeping things local or traveling to one of the top bachelorette party destinations in the US like Miami or Las Vegas, a scavenger hunt is a great way to get out and do some exploring.

Bachelorette scavenger hunt games can range from innocent (“toast the bride”) to wild (“dance on the bar”) and you’ll have an amazing time letting loose with your gal pals.

Amazon sells pre-printed game cards and you can also find some cute printable bachelorette party scavenger hunt downloads on Etsy to fit any theme.

2. How Well Do You Know the Bride?

This party game is fun and easy since all you have to do is write up a list of questions about the bride and see who knows the most!

You can always turn this into a drinking game by assigning points or raising the stakes with a challenge (whoever gets the least right has to take a shot, for instance).

The best part is this game doesn’t require anything other than pre-written questions—no purchase necessary!

3. Panty Party

Even the name of this one makes me laugh!

Have every bachelorette bring a pair of underwear for the bride—preferably something funny or crazy, like this pair you can customize with the groom’s face.

Lay out all the underwear or hang them on a clothesline and the bride has to guess who brought which pair. 

You’re sure to get some laughs with this party game and the bride gets a bunch of memorable souvenirs, too!

Fun bachelorette party games, by wedding blogger What The Fab
Image via Amazon

4. Prosecco Pong

You can never go wrong with prosecco pong!

Prosecco pong is a fun twist on classic beer pong that’s meant to be played with delicious, crisp prosecco.

I love that the ping pong balls are pink and the drink glasses look chicer than your typical Solo cup setup. 

This adult party game is always a hit and a great way to pregame for a night of fun with your bachelorette squad.

We had so much fun playing this at my sister’s bachelorette, although I will say we were all pretty rusty and not in our previous frat party form!

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5. Newlywed Game

The newlywed game is classic and so fun to recreate during your bachelorette party (it’s also the perfect bridal shower game).

Before the bachelorette weekend, have someone reach out to the groom-to-be with a list of questions about the bride (bonus points if you can get them to record their answers on video).

During the party, you’ll have the bride guess how their partner responded to each question—if she gets it right, everyone else takes a drink. If the bride gets it wrong though, she has to drink!

6. Mad Libs

A bachelorette party is a perfect time to try some bridal mad libs!

There are a ton of great downloadable files for sale on Etsy, like this dirty bachelorette-themed one and this “advice for the bride” template that’s loaded with funny prompts. 

This is a nice slower-paced game you can do while lounging in your bathrobes and drinking mimosas.

Fun bachelorette party games, by wedding blogger What The Fab
Image via Walmart

7. Bachelorette Dare Cards

Ready to kick things up a notch? Try a pack of bachelorette dare cards to add some spice to your evening.

You can get a 30-pack of scratch-off cards for under $10 with fun dares like “hug a guy with a mustache” and “sing a love song to a stranger.”

These dare cards are perfect to slip in your purse and carry around town whenever you want to have some fun.

8. Ring Hunt

For a slower-paced version of a scavenger hunt that you can do in a small space like your Airbnb or hotel room, I suggest trying Ring Hunt.

Pick up some cheap plastic rings or Ring Pops off Amazon and hide them around for everyone to search for throughout the weekend.

The person who finds the most rings by the end of the weekend wins!

Fun bachelorette party games, by wedding blogger What The Fab
Image via Target

9. For the Girls

If you’re staying in to do some drinking at home or in your hotel, make sure to pack For the Girls.

For the Girls is a fun party game that reminds me of Cards Against Humanity but is made specifically for bachelorette parties, girls’ nights, and more. 

This game comes with different colored cards that will give you hilarious prompts like “Give this card to whoever has the hottest dad,” LOL!

You could even turn For the Girls into a drinking game if you want to add a fun twist.

10. Bling Ring

This game doesn’t have an official name, so I’m dubbing it “Bling Ring.”😆

First, you’ll want to give everyone a set number of plastic rings or Ring Pops (or you can do this game as an add-on to Ring Hunt).

Then, make a list of two or three words—like the groom’s name, “bachelorette,” and “wedding”—that are off-limits.

If someone slips up and says one of the forbidden words, the person who calls them out on it gets to take one of their rings.

By the end of the weekend, the bachelorette with the most rings wins a special prize, like a Starbucks gift card.

Fun bachelorette party games, by wedding blogger What The Fab
Image via Amazon

11. Inflatable Banana Ring Toss Game

This bachelorette party game is a bit goofy, but it’s such a classic I had to include it.

Whipping out an Inflatable Banana Ring Toss Game is sure to get everyone giggling, especially if you’re bad at aiming or have already enjoyed a few drinks.

This Ring Toss Game would be a great pick for a tropical-themed bachelorette party, but it’s fun no matter what vibes you’re going for.

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12. Would She Rather

“Would She Rather” is a fun spin on How Well Do You Know the Bride? 

In this version, you’ll have a list of “this or that” options and you’ll have to pick which one you think the bride would prefer.

The same rules apply—anyone who gets the answer wrong has to take a drink!

You can play this one with just a pen and paper but I suggest purchasing a fun downloadable template from Etsy.

Fun bachelorette party games, by wedding blogger What The Fab
Image via Amazon

13. Bachelorette Party Drinking Game

Of course, a bachelorette party would be incomplete without some fun drinking games.

Amazon sells a 40-pack of silly “drink if…” scratch-off cards that will get you sipping and sharing some funny secrets with your closest friends. 

Like the dare cards, I recommend slipping these drinking game cards into your purse before hitting the bars so you can pull them out at a moment’s notice.

14. Two Truths and a Lie

I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard of this party game before!

The perfect twist to make this bachelorette-themed is to have all the contestants write two true memories they share with the bride and one lie.

Then, have everyone guess what the lie is, and (if you want to turn this into a drinking game) anyone who gets it wrong takes a drink.

Etsy has tons of cute templates for this game like this Two Truths and a Lie instant download.

Fun bachelorette party games, by wedding blogger What The Fab
Image via Walmart

15. Junk On the Hunk

My last recommendation for the best games for bachelorette parties is Junk On the Hunk, a corny but undeniably fun game that everyone can get in on.

Junk On the Hunk offers a raunchy take on the classic “pin the tail on the donkey” game, and you even get to pick from a variety of willies! 😂

I’m cracking up looking at Junk On the Hunk’s different pen!s types like Banana Boy and The Dominator—you can let your imagination run wild, LOL.

Image via Walmart

Bachelorette Party Favors

After stocking up on games, make sure you’ve got your bachelorette party setup complete with favors, decorations, and shirts.

There are so many fun options for bachelorette party favors like heart sunglasses (white for the bride, pink for the bachelorettes) and shot glass necklaces, the perfect accessory for going out on the town.

Bachelorette Party Decorations

It’s not a party until you break out the decorations!

My sister’s bachelorette party was tropical-themed so we went with a fun Tropic Like It’s Hot banner, and there are tons of cute items available on Amazon and Etsy.

These hilarious Hanging Honeycomb Poms come in an X-rated shape and are perfect regardless of your party theme.

Image via Etsy

Bachelorette Party Shirts

Etsy is the perfect place to shop for fun bachelorette party shirts so your whole crew can be matching in style.

These wine-themed bachelorette shirts come in some adorable pink colors with a vintage-inspired font that I love.

You also can’t go wrong with these classic Team Bride shirts that you can throw on for shopping or grabbing a bite to eat.

I hope you find these bachelorette party games as fun and silly as I do!

If you pick any up for your bachelorette party, make sure to tag me on Insta (@wtfab) so I can get in on the fun.

Shop my fav bachelorette party games by clicking the images below

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What are the best bachelorette party games?

I recommend games like Junk on the Hunk and For the Girls.

Where are the best places to shop for bachelorette party games?

Sites like Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, and Target have a lot of fun bachelorette game ideas.

What’s the best drinking game for a bachelorette party?

Prosecco pong is a fun drinking game for bachelorettes.

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