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Autodesk Design Night

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Last week Autodesk Gallery hosted their monthly Design Night in San Francisco. The theme for last week’s event was Fashion, so I knew it would be perfect to cover on the blog. The intersection of fashion and tech is so prevalent in San Francisco, and I feel like it’s a really unique phenomenon that’s special to the city. Autodesk hosted Francis Bitonti, designer of the 3D printed Dita Von Teese dress, who spoke about the inception and creation of this amazing dress and other inspiring designs his studio has worked on. By the way, if you’re looking to print a 3D dress yourself (I mean who isn’t, really?), Francis and his designers created this beauty that you can download and print yourself. That’s pretty much the most bad-ass thing I’ve heard all year.
After Francis’ talk, Melange, in partnership with iCu the network and Couture Press, produced a fantastic fashion show. And then of course, there’s all the awesome exhibits that the Gallery normally has on display, like  a behind the scenes look at how Avatar was made using their software.
Autodesk is hosting their next Design Night October 3rd (with the theme of Illusion), so be sure to grab tickets if you’re in SF! And Melange’s annual fashion show is also coming up October 19th.

autodesk design night
autodesk 3D printed car
autodesk lego dinosaur
Love the lego dinosaur.
autodesk gallery
Make your own jewelry station.
dita von teese 3d printed dress
Francis Bitonti talking about the 3D printed Dita dress! Check out the video I posted on Instagram to see how it moves.
melange fashion show
Backstage before the Melange fashion show. Getting a peek at the makeup inspiration.
melange show
Practicing a fun and flirty walk backstage.
3D printed shoes
3D printed shoes!
melange fashion show sf
melange sf fashion show
melange sf show
Thank you to Autodesk for the invite and the fantastic event!

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