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ALOHAS Shoes: My New Favorites

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This summer has granted me the opportunity to show off my ALOHAS shoes! They’re super stylish and cute—you need these in your wardrobe.

There’s a reason this sustainable fashion brand is in high demand—their shoes feel like you’re walking on clouds. They have it all from boots to heels and even espadrilles.

If that didn’t convince you yet, they also have vegan options! I own four pairs from them and they’re in heavy rotation.

I’ve always been interested in buying a pair of shoes from ALOHAS but something kept holding me back. I’m easily influenced and reading reviews convinced me.

Keep reading for an honest review on my 4 ALOHAS shoes!

About the Brand

ALOHAS is a brand originating from Hawaii (hence the name) but their shoes are made in Spain! They have a lot of styles—it’s impossible not to find one you love. There’s def a pair (or four) for you.

One thing that’s super cool about them is their production system. To combat overproduction which is a huge problem, they have a pre-order system in place which allows them to make exactly what they sell!

While they’re mainly known for their shoes, they also have other products on their site such as clothing and accessories.

Shop my fav ALOHAS Below:

ALOHAS Shoes: My Top Picks

Image via ALOHAS

1. Indiana Brown Suede Heels

I truly believe that everyone needs a shoe in their wardrobe that goes with just about anything and this is my pair. These brown suede heels are amazing.

You can dress them up or down which I love. I’ve worn them with jeans, skirts, and dresses. It’s just such a functional shoe that you can wear with whatever.

The heel isn’t heavy which was a surprise, since the heel looks pretty substantial in pics and I assumed it would be heavy. They’re very comfortable to walk in—I wore these on a day trip to the city and they were great.

With the heel being a perfect size and their comfort being high, I’m thinking I’ll be ordering these in a couple more colors!

ALOHAS shoes, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via ALOHAS

2. South Black Leather Ankle Boots

I know I said the summer is allowing me to show off my gorgeous ALOHA shoes, but I have to give these an honorable mention as we gear up for fall.

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of ankle boots for the fall and gave these a chance! I don’t regret it one bit, I just know I’m going to choose my outfits based on these boots.

They’re extremely comfortable to walk in and the ankle part doesn’t feel suffocating which is a huge plus for me. They’re just the perfect boots!

These stylish boots are true to size and their quality is amazing. I can’t to show you all my outfits with these boots!

ALOHAS shoes, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via ALOHAS

3. Cecile Flat

When I think of summertime, I think it’s the perfect time to show off the colorful pieces in our wardrobe. Then I came to realize, that I had no colorful sandals until I found these.

This gorgeous sandal comes in two colors but the pink was just calling my name. The lavender would be great for the spring—I might go back and purchase a pair.

These, just like the other pairs, are true to size and extremely comfortable. Despite the color, they go with just about everything!

It’s just such a perfect suede sandal to step out in this summer. They’ve been my go-to’s for the past couple of weeks—I am in loveee with them.

ALOHAS shoes, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via ALOHAS

4. Goldie Black Sandal

This last pair is one of my favorite pairs—if you are missing a staple black heel that’s casual, these are for you. The Goldie Black Sandal is one of my absolute favorites since they go perfectly with all my summer outfits.

I don’t have many lace-up heels so I was super excited to purchase these. They’re extremely versatile and comfortable, I’ve also worn these on a day trip and had no complaints!

I will say though, that initially some of the dye transferred to my skin but it came off easily. Don’t let a little dye scare you, they’re still fabulous shoes!

I have absolutely no regrets about purchasing these. This last pair was the one to get me into filling up my cart again with ALOHAS shoes!

Are you ready to elevate your wardrobe with some of these ALOHAS shoes? Tag me @wtfab on your insta pics if you got inspired to shop and decided to purchase a pair (or two)!

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Do ALOHAS run true to size?

The pairs I have run fairly true to size! Keep in mind that they are leather though so the material will end up stretching a bit.

Does ALOHAS have any vegan options?

If you’re looking for vegan picks, they have a variety of shoes that are made from 100% vegan material! To find them, click on their vegan tab on the right side of their website.

Are the quality of ALOHAS good?

The pairs I own are pretty great quality shoes. Along with that, they’re super comfortable to walk in.

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Thursday 17th of November 2022

Thanks for this review! I have the can can boots and I love them. I've wanted to buy another pair and will definitely be getting some of their heels based on this! :)

Elise Armitage

Thursday 5th of January 2023

Sounds like I need to try their boots!

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