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Acne Studios Scarf Dupe Picks to Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe

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The best Acne Studios scarf dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab

Save hundreds on a new fashionable winter accessory with my top Acne Studios scarf dupe picks.

Acne Studios’ luxury women’s scarves have become famous for their elegant designs and quality construction.

The Acne Studios Mohair Checked Scarf is one of the brand’s most popular winter scarves, thanks to its subtle plaid pattern and stylish color options.

Shop for an Acne Studios scarf dupe by clicking the images below:

You’ll pay over $300 for a name-brand Acne Studios wool scarf, a hefty investment that’s hard to justify for many.

This roundup will help you find the perfect budget-friendly Acne Studios scarf dupe to add to your outerwear collection.

To make things easy for you, you can shop for these products by clicking directly on the images, the shopping buttons, and the text links. 

These are my affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links (at no additional cost to you!), and I greatly appreciate you shopping with my links!

Click below to check out my favorite Acne scarf dupes:

Acne Studios Scarf Dupe Picks to Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe

The best Acne Studios scarf dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Urban Outfitters

1. Urban Outfitters Holly Brushed Scarf

The Holly Brushed Scarf from Urban Outfitters is a stunning Acne Studios scarf dupe that’s easy on the wallet.

This striped oversized scarf comes in two bold styles—the pink version has black, brown, and cream accents, while the brown has hints of yellow, green, orange, and purple.

Regardless of the Holly Scarf you choose, it’s guaranteed to make a statement, especially when paired with neutral outfits.

Elevate the warmth and coziness of your winter wardrobe with this $30 oversized UO plaid scarf.

The best Acne Studios scarf dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via SHEIN

2. SHEIN Multicolor Plaid Scarf

Capture the Acne Studios aesthetic on a budget with SHEIN’s Multicolor Plaid Scarf, a steal at less than $6.

SHEIN offers the Multicolor Scarf in several bold and neutral color combinations, so there are plenty of options to browse.

I love everything about this Plaid Scarf, from the soft fabric to the large, chunky fit and fringe trim.

Considering this women’s scarf is less than $10, you’ll struggle to find a better Acne Studios scarf dupe.

Browse the best Acne Studios scarf dupe picks by clicking below:

The best Acne Studios scarf dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Etsy

3. Etsy Mohair Plaid Scarf

Etsy is an excellent place to support small businesses while shopping for Acne Studios scarf dupes like this Mohair Plaid Scarf.

This handmade Mohair Scarf is priced around $30 and comes in several stylish pastels and vibrant colors.

Many positive customer reviews on Etsy attest to the oversized Plaid Scarf’s quality and similarity to the OG scarf from Acne Studios.

You’ll love how cozy and fluffy this Mohair Scarf feels—it’s the perfect finishing touch for winter outfits.

The best Acne Studios scarf dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via DHgate

4. DHgate Soft Chunky Scarf

DHgate’s Soft Chunky Scarf is another spot-on Acne Studios scarf dupe available for a fraction of the price.

Priced around $12, this Soft Scarf is made from an ultra-plush, fuzzy material that feels like cashmere.

The Chunky Scarf is wide and long to wrap around your neck as a traditional scarf or drape over your shoulders as a shawl.

This oversized blanket scarf is one of the best Acne Studios dupes for budget fashionistas wanting to achieve the designer look for less.

Image via Madewell

5. Madewell Brushed Plaid Scarf

This Brushed Plaid Scarf from Madewell is a total must-have for cold weather that resembles the original Acne Studios scarf.

I’m obsessed with the Brushed Scarf’s feminine and versatile style—it adds the perfect pop of color.

The pattern of this eye-catching scarf for women is subtle yet chic, making it a fun accessory for any outfit.

Wrapping yourself in this soft scarf feels like wearing a hug, and the cozy material keeps you warm all day.

Click the images below to find your perfect Acne Studios scarf dupe:

Image via Temu

6. Temu Plush Warm Scarf

You can’t go wrong with this Plush Warm Scarf available on Temu for a more versatile winter accessory.

The Plush Scarf is a budget-friendly dupe with an impressive selection of solid colors to complement all your cold-weather looks.

This $5 fringe scarf is made from a thick, plush material that blocks the cold and features trendy tassel accents. 

With such a low price tag, why not pick up several Warm Scarves in different colors to have a faux pashmina scarf for every outfit?

Image via Free People

7. Free People Falling For You Brushed Plaid Scarf

Free People’s Falling For You Brushed Plaid Scarf is wrapping up this Acne Studios scarf dupe guide. 

The $30 Falling For You oversized plush scarf is the perfect bulky scarf to keep you warm and comfortable for all your snow day pics.

I love this knit scarf’s subdued plaid pattern and yellow color scheme—it’s understated yet fashionable.

From the wide design to the soft, fuzzy fabric, the Falling For You Plaid Scarf is a solid dupe for Acne Studios your closet needs ASAP.

With my Acne Studios scarf dupe picks, you’ll be warm and fashionable all winter!

Check out the top Acne Studios scarf dupe picks by clicking the images below:

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What is Acne Studios?

Acne Studios is a Swedish luxury fashion house.

Why are Acne Studios scarves unique?

Acne Studios’ beautiful scarves for women are famous for their soft, fuzzy fabric blends and timeless designs.

What’s the best Acne Studios scarf dupe under $50?

I recommend this Etsy mohair knitted scarf—it’s perfect for layering.

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