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3 Wick Candles: 6 Candles That Smell Like Heaven

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3 Wick Candles, by Blogger What The Fab

What’s the deal with 3 wick candles vs 1 wick? Well, 3 wick candles allow you to use a candle more efficiently. 

While a 1 wick candle burns a hole down the center, the 3 wicks evenly distribute the melting wax. The flame works its way evenly throughout the top surface of the candle, allowing the wax to melt slower. 

So not only does the candle last longer, it burns brighter and smells stronger. 

That means all your favorite scents can fill up your home with ease. I had a lot of fun gathering up my favorite fragrances, so let’s get right into it!

Shop my fav 3 wick candles below:

3 Wick Candles That Smell Like Heaven 

3 Wick Candles, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Yankee Candle 

1. Love for All

Let’s start off strong with a candle that not only has an amazing scent, but also an amazing message. 

The colorful rainbows decorating the glass are a nod toward the different ways we express our identities. It has a straightforward, fresh, and clean fragrance that suits the notion of universal love. 

What I especially adore about this candle is that it first starts off with a light scent of peony and crystal freesia. Then, the scent deepens into clary sage, deep sea minerals, and driftwood. 

As the two scents mix together, it feels like you’re being enveloped by the scent of a flowery meadow located near a bright ocean. 

Since the aesthetic design of this candle has minimalistic pops of color, it looks great on my desk. I love having hints of color near my workspace, and the amazing scent clears my mind. 

3 Wick Candles, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Yankee Candle

2. Iced Berry Lemonade

I absolutely cannot resist a good citrus scent. Seriously, smelling any citrus fragrance always leaves me feeling invigorated and refreshed! 

While the Love for All candle helps me unwind and relax, this Iced Berry Lemonade candle honestly has me drooling. It’s an energetic blend of strawberry, lemon, and grapefruit aromas that always go well together. 

At first, it smells like lemon sugar with hints of mandarin and grapefruits. Then as you burn it for a little longer, the yuzu smell leaks into the air with the rest of the raspberry, pomelo, and pineapple scents. 

Even though the burn time can be around 50 hours, I’m always sad to see it melt down to its last layer. But on the other hand, the wait is worth it. 

At the end of its run, the base fragrance gets to shine—and it delivers a nice, mellow finish. 

Unlike the beginning, the final scent contains a sweet mix of vanilla, malt, and violet leaf. So after energizing you for most of its run, it lets you calm back down.

3 Wick Candles, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via World Market 

3. Eucalyptus Neroli

Eucalyptus smells almost like rosemary, except it’s multifaceted with hints of honey and mint. It has a nice, comforting scent—and paired with the floral, citrus scent of neroli, it’s like they were meant to be. 

Overall, this candle smells elegant and soothing. This makes it a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones!

3 Wick Candles, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Public Goods 

4. Lavender & Vanilla Soy

This candle is for all my girls who love neutrals. We love a minimalist vibe.

It’ll blend seamlessly into your room. Despite its simple look, the candle speaks for itself.

Cruelty and paragon free, vegan-friendly, and sustainable, this candle is proudly 100% open about its natural ingredients. As it should be!

The soothing qualities of this candle come from its gentle vanilla, fir needles, and tonic bean aromas. As the fragrance is mixed with lavender, the combined mixture is calming and always leaves me feeling warm. 

Another plus about this candle is that it has great recyclability—after finishing the candle, you can use the clean glass for storing other goods. 

Image via Ulta Beauty 

5. Cozy Weekend

When I first saw the title of this candle, I was intrigued by the idea of a cozy weekend having a specific scent. So I looked into it out of curiosity, and I’m glad I did.

It has a cozy combination of roasted almonds, clover honey, vanilla, and the scent of wood. 

I can def see why they chose these scents—it’s homey and relaxing!

Smelling this candle already takes me back to a lazy Saturday morning. I can see myself lighting this candle next to my bedside as I read my favorite book in bed. 

The only downside to this candle is that using it might make you miss the weekend more than you already do during the week.

Image via Ulta Beauty

6. Cranberry Vanilla Frost

There’s just something about the scent of fruit melding in with the mellowness of vanilla. The relaxing, yet refreshing aromas always put a smile on my face.

But instead of going full in on the citrus scents, this candle focuses on the sweeter fruits. The scent of cranberry, raspberry, sugar, and vanilla cream mesh together to create a sugar rush in your nose. 

You can think of it as a smooth, easygoing pick-me-up. 

Whereas the Iced Berry Lemonade wakes you up with a zesty start, this scent is pleasant in a relaxed way. 

It’s still fruity enough to make you feel refreshed, but not as intense as citrus! 

Candles always make great gifts. Literally anyone can enjoy one!

But of course, candles don’t need to be gifted to others—they can be a nice treat for yourself as well! 

If anything, I hope my descriptions did justice to these candles. They all smell amazing!

If you’re searching for some nice fragrances to put in your cart, be sure to tag me on Insta (@wtfab) so I can see which ones you chose!

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What is special about 3-wick candles? 

They last longer than 1 wick candles since the melting wax is distributed evenly across the surface. 

Do you burn all 3 wicks on a 3-wick candle? 

Yes, this ensures that the wax melts evenly each time!

Are 1 wick or 3-wick candles better? 

3-wick candles provide more benefits: lasts longer, burns brighter, and smells stronger.

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