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What The Fab Presets are Live!

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I’m so excited to share that today I’m launching What The Fab Presets!! I’m making my Lightroom Presets available for purchase so that you can edit your photos with them, make them your own, and create your brand’s vibey aesthetic.

This has been in the works for a lonnnng time. I started editing my photos with Lightroom way back when I launched my blog in 2012. When I was first starting out, I tried using other bloggers’ presets, but they always ended up being not quite my style—overly saturated, or too blown out, or (my favorite) they made me look oompa loompa orange.

So, I created my own presets, through lots of trial and error, and refining over the years.

I thought about selling my presets a couple years ago, but tbh, I didn’t know how and it seemed a bit overwhelming. How do I package them up so someone else can download them? How do I build a shop page on my site? How do I market them?

Turns out the panny has given me plenty of time to figure all that out. And it was even harder than I’d imagined to launch these babies. So many technical glitches, late nights, and yes, even some tears (It’s never going to work! Why does Woocommerce hate me??) later, they’re finally ready for their big debut.

Slide to compare the before/after! Using the World Traveler Preset

You can read more about the presets and how they work on the shop page! Or shop them below:

Shop What The Fab Presets

Oh, and here’s a fun little sizzle reel…

And I’ve got a surprise for you! I’m gifting you one of my fav presets, World Traveler, for free! Just as a thanks for being here. 🙂

The World Traveler Preset is light, bright, and airy and looks good on just about anything. This is the mobile version of this preset, so you’ll be able to use it on the free Adobe Lightroom Mobile app.

Professional Lightroom presets, by travel blogger What The Fab

I can’t wait to see how you edit your photos and what you create with What The Fab Presets! Be sure to use the hashtag #wtfabpresets so I can share your pics on my Stories.

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