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Wedding Wednesday: Groomsmen Attire

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Friends and family have been asking me what kind of groom-to-be Omied has been. “Is he the type who just wants to stay out of the way and let you do the planning? Or is he helping?” Some brides want to do all the planning themselves, but for me part of the fun of wedding planning has been tackling it as a team, with Omied. He found our venue and DJ, and he knew exactly what he wanted to wear on our wedding day way before I ever did. When thinking about attire for the groomsmen, he did some research and found an awesome service for rental suits—Menguin.

I’m obsessed with this not-your-typical-suit-rental company! They have an awesome selection, and Omied was able to find exactly what he was looking for for the groomsmen—a medium grey, slim fit suit. A.K.A. The Brooklyn.

I’ve seen a lot of ill-fitting rental suits in my day (Omied was the victim of one at our Senior Prom), and that was definitely not the look we wanted for our wedding party. Menguin allows the bride and groom to pick the suit and a la carte accessories (think ties, suspenders, cuff links, even shoes) that you want the groomsmen to rent. Add in everyone’s contact info, and the groomsmen each log on to enter in their measurements. Menguin then takes this info and uses an algorithm to find the perfect fit for them. 98% of dudes who receive their suit say it’s a perfect fit the first time. The other 2% enjoy a free swap out for a suit that has the right fit. All delivered right to your door a week and a half before the wedding, with a return label and packaging ready to go after you’ve partied your ass of in said suit.

There are so many reasons why I’m excited to be using Menguin for our groomsmen. Affordable? Check. Ridiculously easy? Check. Stylish and a guaranteed perfect fit? Check, check. They even personally call any groomsman who has not entered in his measurements 3 weeks before the wedding date. The next step, they tell the procrastinating groomsman, is for them to notify the bride. So far, no one’s ever gone that route (good job boys, it’s always best to avoid pissing off the bride-to-be), and a friendly phone call from your Menguin rep saves you the trouble of having to nag.

You can learn more about Menguin, or order your own dashing suit, here.

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Tuesday 19th of May 2015

love this post! so informative! xO!