3 Steps to Creating Passive Revenue From Your Blog

(and how SEO is the Secret to a 6-Figure Recurring Revenue Stream!)

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What Will I Learn?

How to go from hustling in obscurity to raking in dollars while you sleep. At the end of this premium workshop, you'll walk away knowing:

Take Back Your Time

How to regain your time and reduce content creation burnout by making your website a revenue-generating asset

My 3-Step Framework

My proven 3-step framework will allow you to leverage the blog content you’re already creating and turn it into a consistent stream of revenue each month

Grow Your Traffic

How to learn SEO as a blogger in 1 day (even if you’re a newbie, without the overwhelm or headaches) and sky-rocket your traffic

You'll Also Learn...


The five best ways to monetize your website to create passive revenue whether you're a blogger, service provider, or sell a physical product

Common Mistakes

The top three biggest mistakes bloggers make on their website (hint: you're probably making them right now and don't even realize it!) and how to fix them

Case Studies

Case studies of bloggers that have been able to do this and get great results (most of them were newbies when they started... it's possible for everyone if you know the steps to follow!)

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Meet Elise, Travel Blogger and SEO Expert

Hey there, I’m Elise! I’m a travel + lifestyle blogger, and I’ve been at this content creator game for a while (over a decade!).

I’ve been exactly where you are right now—putting my blood (figuratively), sweat (literally), and tears (occassionally) into creating killer blog posts, only to feel like a handful of people were reading them.

For years, I was hustling and grinding nights and weekends, working on my blog as my side hustle while I worked my corporate job at Google. Three years ago, a realization hit me like a ton of bricks—I wasn’t meant to work a 9-5 job, building someone else’s company. So I made the scariest decision of my life and I left “the best company in the world to work for” to run What The Fab full time.

Since then, I’ve turned my blog into a multi-six figure business, and a large part of that is thanks to the power of SEO. I realized that SEO is actually easy (I just needed an expert to hold my hand and walk me through it), and everything changed.

Once I cracked the code on SEO, that’s when the floodgates opened—I was able to take my blog from 15,000 monthly viewers to 175,000, which created an entirely new six-figure revenue stream for my business.

Learning SEO has created so much more abundance in my life—More passive revenue. More sponsored partnerships. More press trip invitations. And I’m passionate about teaching other women how they can do the same.

With a decade of blogging experience under my belt, I’m pumped to be able to share my best SEO tips and tricks with you to help you create a thriving website that brings you recurring revenue while you sleep.

If you’re craving more freedom—whether that’s financial, location, or time freedom—you’re in the right place.

We’ll wrap up with a live Q&A so I can answer your personal questions!

Here’s what others are saying!
“In the past, learning SEO felt so unattainable for me. Elise encouraged me and made me realize that it was something I actually could do! I actually understand SEO now!”
Angela Lanter, @angelalanter
“Elise is such an expert in SEO and turning your blog into a passive revenue stream! She's done it with her own site and she's helped her students do the same. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from her!”
Kara Harms, @thewhimsysoul

Here's what others are saying!

Using Elise's tips and tricks made SEO straightforward! It's so much less daunting now that we know what we're doing. She's truly the best.

Katy Costner


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