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Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady Review: An EPIC Cruise Experience

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Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab

We had such an incredible time on our Virgin cruise, and today I’m sharing a super in-depth Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review!

Whether you’re considering cruising with Virgin or you’ve already booked your cruise and you’re looking for the scoop, I’m writing up everything you need to know before you go to make the most of your epic Virgin Voyages vacay!

Psst, if you’re eyeing any Virgin Caribbean cruises, here’s their best offer of the season: Voyages throughout the end of April 2023 in the Caribbean will receive 60% off their second sailor and $200 of sailor loot (onboard credit to use on spa services or shore excursions)!!

We went on the French Daze Ibiza Nights Valiant Lady cruise. I knew I wanted to do one of Virgin’s Mediterranean cruises and was debating between this one and the Irresistible Mediterranean one (both are aboard the Valiant Lady ship).

We ended up going with the French Daze Ibiza Nights cruise because the itinerary on this one just looked epic and I wasn’t familiar with any of the stops on the Irresistible Med itin, but I’m sure that one is awesome too. We actually ended up chatting with the hosts of one of the onboard shows and he said that one was lovely.

And even if you’re heading out on a cruise out of Miami on the Scarlet Lady ship, from what I’ve heard the layout of the ship is pretty much the same, with identical eateries and restaurants, so all of these tips apply as well.

This was my first time going on a cruise and I can already tell the experience onboard Virgin Voyages has forever ruined me.

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab

Virgin really has elevated everything in a way that only the Virgin brand can. They’ve created an epic cruise experience for people who don’t typically like cruises.

Virgin Voyages are adults-only, and it really felt like an adult playground and 24/7 party out on the sea every day/night. There are so many fun things to do onboard, from different shows to trivia night (I usually hate trivia night but their version was so fun), an arcade, karaoke, fine dining, to dancing…that it’s literally impossible to get bored.

We had such an incredible time, we’re already looking at our calendars wondering when we can set sail with Virgin again!

Read on for my in-depth Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review and all the deets you need to know!

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady Review

Know Before You Go on Your Virgin Voyages Cruise

Here are a few tips/things to know before your Virgin Voyages cruise…because failing to plan is planning to fail. Lol jk it’s not that serious, you’ll have a great time whether you wing it or plan out your itinerary beforehand. But these tips will help you get the most out of your cruise!

Download the Virgin Voyages App

The app is super helpful—when it works. Fair warning, it’s slow and crashes a lot, but for some reason, it works much better once you’re on the ship’s wifi.

Before your trip, you’ll use the app for things like uploading your passport and documents, booking restaurant reservations (see below for more tips on that), and linking up with other sailors in your party so you can share an agenda and make bookings for restaurants and shows together.

You can peruse the app to get acquainted ahead of time with the ship’s spaces (sooo many restaurants) and amenities (like a tattoo parlor, full hair salon, spa, shops, etc.).

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab

Restaurant Reservations on board Valiant Lady

Once you’ve downloaded the Virgin Voyages app, check to see what date reservations open up and you’re able to book restaurants. Mark your calendar and set a reminder for that date, because reservations start to book up quickly!

Book restaurants as soon as reservations open up. This was what I struggled with on the app the most before our trip. It took me a good afternoon to make all of our dinner reservations because the app was so slow and kept crashing, so I’d give it a break and check back again until I was finally able to book everything I wanted.

We dined around 8 pm most nights and that felt perfect. The restaurants do hold some tables for walk-ins rather than reservations too, so if you aren’t able to get all the rezzies you want, you can always stop by on the ship to see if there’s availability.

See the below section all about dining options and my reviews of the restaurants on board for tips on which restaurants to prioritize during your cruise, which ones are best for dinner vs brunch, etc.

Get a Feel for the Shows You Want to Book

Definitely check out the shows in the app and start to get a feel for the ones that interest you the most. I have more notes below in the Shows section of this post describing the different ones and which ones were our favs.

You won’t be able to book any of the shows until you’re onboard on the ship’s wifi, but Omied and I found it helpful to map out which shows we wanted to make sure to hit up and what nights they were playing and fit into our itinerary. That way we had done our research ahead of time and were able to quickly reserve our seats once we were on the ship.

I will say, the actual schedule of some of the shows had shifted around a bit by the time we got on the ship (I had noted some of the shows down for certain nights and they were no longer playing those days), but it was still helpful to have a quick list of which ones were our priority to book.

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab

Cabins on the Valiant Lady

I would definitely recommend springing for an XL Sea Terrace! Having a little balcony with a hammock was so nice.

We also upgraded for $100 to get a centrally located XL Sea Terrace cabin. Cruise ships can feel pretty big and overwhelming, so not having to walk too far to get to the main elevator was nice, but I also don’t think it would have been that big of a deal if we didn’t upgrade to a central room.

Another fun feature of the cabins is your bed converts into a sofa. We never took advantage of this but if you wanted some seating during the day, that’s an option.

Next time, I’m eyeing the Rockstar Suite! 😉 If you watched the last season of The Bachelorette, you’ll recognize the MegaStar Quarters as Gabby’s room where she had her serious chat with Logan.

Helpful Things to Pack for Your Virgin Voyage

Nausea Bands and Dramamine If you get motion sickness, bring nausea bands & Dramamine. They do have Dramamine on the ship too in case you forget, but it’s a big ship, and if sea sickness hits you probably won’t want to be running around trying to find the medical center on board.

I do tend to get motion sickness and I was pretty nervous about how I would feel since this was my first cruise and I didn’t really know what to expect.

Thankfully, I felt pretty good and really didn’t experience any nausea! There are certain parts of the ship where I could feel the rolling and rocking a bit more than others, but my nausea bands were enough to keep me feeling fine and I didn’t end up needing to take Dramamine.

Travel Steamer The rooms don’t come equipped with an iron or steamer and if you call down to ask Sailor Services for one, they might not have one available. I was glad I brought my travel steamer (I love this one, it’s lightweight and works great) both for steaming my clothes and for the next item…

Travel Espresso MakerProbably my only complaint (and we’re getting into first-world problems here) was that there’s no way to make coffee in your room.

I fully recognize I have a caffeine addiction. But I like to get my morning going with some coffee before ever having to leave my room. I don’t live the feeling of showing up at a restaurant for breakfast super groggy and out of it.

Plus with a hammock and sea terrace, it’d be nice to sip coffee out there in the mornings.

I came up with a nice little travel hack solution here that I’m pretty proud of. I brought my travel espresso maker with me (love this thing, I always travel with it because you never know what the in-room coffee situation will be) but I also needed hot water for it.

Sailor Services was not able to provide me with an electric kettle so I could make hot water, which is when I started using my travel steamer to make hot water. Et voilà! Shots of espresso in our room every morning. I felt like MacGyver.

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab

A Red Outfit for Scarlet Night – Scarlet Night happens on Thursday night onboard the ship and it is SO much fun. Truly one of the highlights of our experience on Virgin Voyages.

Be sure to bring a red outfit to wear for this party, and my advice is to wear something that you wouldn’t mind jumping in the pool in because Scarlet Night starts with a pool party, and jumping in while fully clothed is a MUST. Trust me, it’s so so fun. Omied and I had a blast. 😉

My two-piece set is from Dress the Population and it was the perfect shade of Virgin red. It held up great after jumping in the pool too!

Here are a few other red outfit ideas for you if you’re looking for some inspo:

Magnetic Hooks Turns out the walls have metal in them, and these magnetic hooks for the bathroom/walls were perfect for more hanging space!

We hung hats, wet swimsuits, and wet clothes (from Scarlet Night! ;)) on our hooks and we were happy to have them.

Buy these must-haves before your trip:

Tips Once aboard Valiant Lady

I felt like this was a good time to share this IG Reel I made about things aboard the Valiant Lady that ~*just make sense*~. There are so many cool, well thought out features on the ship!

Here are a few random notes and tips we learned aboard the ship that will be helpful for you during your voyage!

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab


First things first, let’s start with this hot tip about alcohol lol. You aren’t allowed to bring hard liquor or beer on the ship, but you can bring two bottles of wine per cabin on the ship.

While it isn’t explicitly stated on Virgin’s help page, I believe you can bring on two bottles of wine per port (that’s what we did and we had no problems at all). Here’s what their Help page says about alcohol:

If you must bring that rare bottle of red you got in the south of France, we get it. Sailors are also welcome to bring two (2) 750mL bottles of wine per cabin in carry-on bags.

You can bring your wine with you anywhere on the ship and they’ll open it for you and bring you an ice bucket to chill if it’s a white or champagne.

This came in so clutch. We picked up wine at each stop and drank our bottles with dinner, at shows, and we even popped open a bottle of rosé poolside.

Such a great way to save a bit on alcohol and it was so nice that the staff on the ship were super cool about it and happy to open our bottles wherever we were.

We definitely indulged in ordering cocktails (and shots on Scarlet Night lol) onboard—it’s so easy with just the scan of your wristband—but bringing on wine helped offset the alcohol costs.

Booking Shows

Remember to book the shows you want to see once you’re on board and on the ship’s wifi! Some of them book up fast.


The wifi on the ship is free (yay), but very weak (boo), so don’t expect to be able to work on the ship. You certainly won’t be able to do any video calls, and I could barely post my Insta Stories or check my email sometimes.

DND Light

Pro-tip, put your DND light on in your cabin before you go to sleep if you don’t want housekeeping to ring your doorbell and open your door at 9 am.

The staff is v efficient and whenever we forgot to put our DND light on, we had someone pop into our room while we were still in bed, which is always awkward.

Shore Things

I would not recommend booking your activities/excursions through Shore things on the app. The excursions we did book we realized later would have been a lot cheaper if we had just booked them ourselves (whether it was booking a train ticket to Antibes or directly booking with a beach club).

Of course, you’re paying

for the convenience of just booking through the app and having a bus pick you up right from the ship, and the guide making sure you get back in time and don’t miss the ship leaving lol. 

But if you’re a comfortable traveler, you can def save some $$ by booking these activities yourself.

Dining Aboard the Valiant Lady / Scarlet Lady

I heard this Tiktok audio and felt so seen, lol. I had to make a Reel with it with some clips from our many dining experiences onboard the ship.

I know y’all can relate because my restaurant guides for all the cities I’ve been to are always some of my top-performing posts. We like to eat! And we like to eat gourmet food, specifically.

And the food aboard the Valiant Lady is totally delicious. There are no buffets, and no up-charges for the nicer restaurants (like there can be on other cruise lines).

The ship’s dining program and menus have been designed by Michelin chefs, and it shows. We were in foodie heaven!

One thing’s for sure, you will not go hungry onboard a Virgin Voyages cruise ship. There are over 20 different eateries available—yes, 20.

So just make peace with the fact that you probably won’t try all of them during your cruise. That’s what my guide is for—to help you figure out which ones to prioritize!

First, let’s start with the six restaurants where you can make reservations. I’m ordering them in order of our favorites so it’s clear which ones are can’t-miss spots.

The Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen is the ship’s experimental restaurant, and it features a six-course tasting menu. It’s experiential and social, and the food is inventive and delicious with beautiful presentation.

We dined at Test Kitchen on our first night on the ship and it was so much fun. Highly recommend doing the wine pairing as well—it was only $35 and they picked some really delicious wines that paired so well with the courses.

Each course highlights a key ingredient, and while the tasting menu does evolve so there’s no way to know what it’ll look like in the future, here’s what our menu featured:





Blue Cheese


We started off strong with a mushroom appetizer that was almost like a creamy mushroom pate, and it was out of this world.

The blue cheese semifreddo was another highlight that we just could not get over.

We found out during the trip that on Thursday night, Test Kitchen switches things up and does a different menu for the rest of the cruise. We loved the first night so much that we booked Test Kitchen again for Thursday night.

While the second night was good, we agreed that the first night was much better, so my rec here is to make sure you go to Test Kitchen Sunday – Wednesday night to make sure you get to enjoy that first menu.

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab

Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin features elevated Italian cuisine, and we had a delicious meal here. This Trattoria serves regionally-inspired dishes with fresh, handmade pasta.

The appetizers are small, which is a good thing because they’re all so yummy you’re going to want to try a few. Definitely get the artichoke heart.

Enjoy some serious carb loading and share a pasta (or three) for your next course. Don’t miss the gnocchi (so soft and creamy—I can’t even) and the pappardelle.

For dessert, the affogato cart is fun. You get to choose which ice cream and toppings you’d like.


Have you ever seen a Korean BBQ restaurant on a cruise ship? Not until Virgin Voyages entered the scene.

Gunbae is SO fun and the Korean BBQ is great. You’re seated six people at a table so even if you’re dining as a couple, you’re going to make some new friends at this interactive dining experience.

Our server was very nice but he kinda insisted on ordering for us and giving us a sampling of different seafood and meats. In hindsight, the kalbi (marinated short ribs) was the absolute best, and I wish we just ordered that with some of the other apps and rice like we had originally wanted.

After dinner, you get to play a fun drinking game with your table. One of the servers will help facilitate and pour you soju, but just know it’s super fun (and definitely harder than it looks lol).

The Wake

The Wake is Virgin’s modern take on a chic steakhouse, and it’s just the right mix of nostalgia and cool glam.

We only made it to The Wake for breakfast, but next time I’d definitely like to try it for dinner too. It’d also be really fun to time your dinner here to be around sunset when you’re out at sea because the big windows look out to, you guessed it, the wake of the ship.

Pro-tip, if you have time on Sunday when you dock back at Barcelona, you can make reservations for breakfast at The Wake and enjoy some eggs benny, french toast, and a mimosa before disembarking the ship.

Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle has a mix of comfort food (think fried chicken and burgers) and healthy vegetarian options. You know which route we went lol.

We went to Razzle twice, once for dinner and once for breakfast. I think I preferred it for a breakfast or lunchtime meal.

Pink Agave

Pink Agave is the ship’s elevated Mexican restaurant, and it’s the only sit-down restaurant we didn’t make it to during our cruise. We just didn’t have enough time to dine at every restaurant, and my friend Jess from Miss Moore Style who had been on the same cruise a few months earlier said this would be the one to de-prioritize, so it didn’t quite make the cut.

I did hear they make great margaritas, so we’ll have try it for ourselves next time!

Ok, now let’s get into some of the other eateries on the ship that are more like quick bites…

The Pizza Place

I can’t tell you how many times Omied and I grabbed pizza here, whether we wanted a late afternoon bite or a midnight snack after dancing. It was So. Good.

The pizzas are made fresh to order with a thin, crispy crust. You can enjoy your pizza here or take it to go.

The Galley

The Galley is like a food hall, with a bunch of different eateries here. Sit down and grab any open table, and a server will come over and take your order.

You can order from any of the many different eateries here. I had ramen one day, paninis another, and simple eggs and bacon another day.

The Galley is the spot for a quick breakfast before heading out exploring at your next port. There’s also self-serve black coffee here for free. You can order premium coffee from the Grounds Club here as well, but that isn’t included and will cost ~$5.

During lunchtime, I loved grabbing sushi rolls from Bento Baby.

Lick Me Til Ice Cream

Lol, the name on this one is so naughty. We definitely stopped by and got ice cream a few times during the cruise, and they rotate flavors so there was always something new to try.

Sun Club Cafe

Don’t miss the poke bowls here! I’d recommend asking for a double portion of tuna. It’s perfect for grabbing lunch when you’re having a pool day.

The Dock / The Dock House

We didn’t get a chance to dine here either, but The Dock House and its outdoor area The Dock feature Mediterranean cuisine. The menu looked good!

The Dock has more like mezze bites and indoors The Dock House has entree options.

The Social Club Diner

I’d skip the food at Social Club Diner—it’s a pretty bare-bones hot dog situation most days. BUT they do have a small sweets bar that I couldn’t not stop at every time we passed by. They had these cake pops that were so addicting!

Shows and Entertainment

Once again, Virgin has elevated this element of cruise ships—no cheesy magic shows or weird ventriloquist acts here! The shows on the ship were absolutely top-notch.

We hit up all of the shows so that I could give you all my first-hand recs, so here’s a quick synopsis of each show. Just like with the restaurants, these are in order of favorite to least favorite.

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab

Duel Reality

Duel Reality is a must! It’s a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet, but with Cirque du Soleil style acrobatics.

These guys are all so incredibly talented, and they put on a jaw-dropping performance.

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab

Ship Show

Ship Show wasn’t really on our radar until we happened to meet the host of this show on one of our excursions. He was there with his parents who had come on the cruise to see him in the show (cute) and told us a bit about the show.

It’s a variety show with a mix of music and dancing, and several short acts that are once again jaw-dropping. Like a couple who rollerbladed around on a small, circular stand and the guy twirled the girl around by a strap around her head/neck. WHAT.

They also serve dinner with the Ship Show, but I heard the food was just ok so I’d recommend doing what we did—bring a bottle of wine to enjoy during the show, and then make dinner reservations at a different restaurant after.

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab

Untitled Dance Show Party Thing

Ok, I really don’t know how to describe this one lol. And I almost feel like it’s better if you don’t really know what to expect.

So for this one, I’m just gonna show you a pic of my outfit from that night, which involved this killer hot pink sequin jumpsuit from Dress The Population. I received so many compliments on this jumpsuit all night long!

Just be sure to wear shoes that are comfortable for dancing/standing in for an hour because there’s no seating at this show.

The Mentalist Magic Show

If you have a free night, The Mentalist show is definitely worthwhile. He did some pretty crazy things that I’m still in awe over.

It’s a pretty large theatre so if you’re going to do this one I’d recommend arriving 15 minutes early so you can get a seat up front.

Never Sleep Alone

NSA was definitely our least favorite show. Some of the things she made people do onstage were funny/entertaining, but getting paired up with a random middle-aged man and telling him my deepest desires and fantasies was just straight-up awkward and not my idea of a good time.

If you want to watch the show but not participate, you can ask to be seated in the upstairs/balcony area, which is what I wish we did!

French Daze Ibiza Nights Itinerary and Recommendations

If you’re wondering what to do in each of the destinations on this cruise, I’ve got you covered below! I’m covering activities and where to eat/drink during your time in Marseilles, Cannes, Olbia, and Ibiza.

Sunday, Day 1: Boarding and Embarkation

Before you set sail, once you fill out your forms on the Virgin Voyages app you can choose your embarkation time. We chose 4 pm because we wanted plenty of time to get settled and explore the ship before dinner.

Turns out that as Rockstars, you can board as early as 2 pm, and you also have access to a VIP check-in line that’s much shorter.

The boarding process was easy. You check in and they take your luggage for you and drop it off in your room by 6 pm. If you want to head straight to the pool, keep your swimsuit with you!

Once you’re on board and connected to the ship’s wifi, you can book the shows you want. You can try planning ahead but by the time our cruise set sail the shows/timing were a little different than when I had looked a month earlier.

The first evening includes free champagne up at the deck above the pool as you sail away from Barcelona so be sure not to miss that! If you’re a Rockstar, you also get free champagne every evening at Richard’s Roofdeck. 😉

Monday, Day 2: Marseilles

We had heard mixed things about Marseilles, like that it was gritty. And while there’s definitely more graffiti than say, Nice, we really didn’t find it to be dirtier than any other European city and enjoyed our day here.

Here’s what we did during our day in Marseille:

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab
dress is from Lait Collection

Basilica de Notre Dame

The Basilica is beautiful and it’s on top of a hill so it has amazing views of Marseilles.

It’s free to enter and a nice way to kick off your day in Marseilles. You can take a cab or Uber up, or there’s also a tram from the old port.

Lunch at Sepia

We strolled down the hill a bit to a restaurant called Sepia that serves traditional French cuisine.

Our lunch here was fantastic and I’d highly recommend this spot! We had the haddock appetizer and tuna belly and both were delicious.

La Corniche

After lunch, we took an Uber over to La Corniche where we walked along the water.

If we had known there was a beach club there I would have brought my swimsuit and we probably would have parked it there for the rest of the afternoon, especially since it was so hot.

Instead, we grabbed drinks at the Le Bords de Mer rooftop overlooking the water.

Palais Longchamp

If you want to check out one more thing in Marseilles, you can visit the Palais Longchamp, an impressive fountain monument dedicated to water.

Tuesday, Day 3: Cannes

On day three we arrived in Cannes. If you haven’t been to Nice or Eze before, I would definitely recommend taking the train over there since you have all day/night and part of the next day at this stop.

Since we’ve been to Nice before we wanted to visit another town, and we booked the Antibes absinthe tasting excursion through Shore Things.

Tbh, we should have just taken the train to Antibes and strolled around ourselves and visited the absinthe bar. The tour didn’t include much besides the shuttle + the tasting and was $100.

When we returned to Cannes, we walked around and did a bit of shopping (the Zara’s in Europe are just so much better than the ones in the States) and stopped at my fav, Laduree, for macarons.

Dinner at Astoux et Brun

We walked over to Astoux et Brun for dinner and because we were there on the earlier side (by European standards), we were able to get seated right away. By the time we left, the line was getting pretty long.

It was here that I had the most amazing mussels of my life for dinner! They were so sweet and delicious and the cream broth they were covered in was out of this world.

Wednesday, Day 4: Cannes and then setting sail

We were planning on going to St Marguerite but it was raining so we ended up just relaxing on the ship.

But if your weather holds, I’d recommend going to St Marguerite island because it does look gorgeous! And you’ll have plenty of ship time on Friday on your way to Ibiza all day.

Thursday, Day 5: Olbia

We were once again unlucky with the weather on this day and all the excursions were canceled due to rain (even though it ended up hardly sprinkling).

The town of Olbia itself really doesn’t have much to do. We strolled around a bit but honestly quickly got bored and went back to the ship.

Olbia is definitely a port that you need to book an excursion from. From what I’ve heard, a catamaran sail would be ideal as it goes to stunning small beaches and coves that you otherwise can’t get to.

We were planning on doing the food and wine tuk-tuk tour, but the timing didn’t work out. Here are some other ideas for activities you can book in Olbia through GetYourGuide:

Jess also recommended renting a scooter at the port and checking out some of the beaches.

Thursday night is also Scarlet Night and like I said, one of our favorite experiences on the ship!

Friday, Day 6: Ibiza

Most of day six is spent out at sea on your way to Ibiza. We arrived in the evening, just in time for dinner.

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab

Day six at sea is a great opportunity to relax at the spa, where they have cold plunge pools, a sauna, and mud bath room.

And of course, it’s a great day to get in some pool time.

The ship has the above pool and a smaller, circular one. It does get pretty crowded, especially on a day when you’re out at sea and there’s not much else to do.

So if you want to get a day bed, definitely come early.

Dinner at Laylah

We strolled around Ibiza and did a little shopping at some of the cute local stores before heading to dinner.

Omied picked this restaurant and it was soo good. It’s super vibey and fun and they had a DJ playing great music.

The menu is tapas style, Mediterranean food, and the cocktails were delicious. While the food was really good, the portions are a bit small and it’s def a bit pricey. I think between the two of us we spent 190 €.

Nightlife in Ibiza

Of course, Ibiza is known for its epic clubs and parties.

David Guetta has a residency at Hï Ibiza and we were contemplating going, but then we found out he doesn’t come on until like 3 am, and honestly, I’m tired just typing that lol.

We decided to keep it chill that night.

Keeper is a fun bar with good music and chill vibes if you’re looking for somewhere to go that isn’t a club with 80,000 people in it.

We tried going at 10:30 pm after dinner but apparently, that was too early because no one was there and their clean-up crew was setting up outside. We’re not in Kansas anymore lol so you’ll prob want to show up closer to midnight.

Saturday, Day 7: Ibiza

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review, by travel blogger What The Fab

For our day in Ibiza, we went to Tanit Beach Club, which we booked through Shore Things (and later regretted).

The beach club itself was great with good food and decent drinks. We had a day bed and umbrellas and had a nice day here.

However, we realized we really should have just booked the beach club ourselves and taken a cab over here.

Booking through Shore things cost 235€ per person. While Tanit’s website isn’t super clear on pricing, it seems to be about 100 – 150 € for a day bed.

So I would def recommend spending your Saturday in Ibiza at a beach club, but booking it yourself!

That’s a wrap on my super detailed (and long lol) Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady review! As you can tell, Virgin has successfully turned me into a cruise person and I’m dying to set sail with them again.

Next year they’re launching some new itineraries, including Greece/Croatia and South Pacific sailings (including itineraries with Sydney, Bali, and Singapore), so definitely stay tuned for that on the Virgin Voyages website!

Huge thank you to Virgin Voyages for hosting us on this epic cruise experience!


Is Valiant Lady the same as Scarlet Lady?

The ships themselves are virtually identical. Their itineraries are different, with Valiant Lady starting in Barcelona and covering Mediterranean cities, and Scarlet Lady starting in Miami for Caribbean cruises.

What costs extra on Virgin Voyages?

Alcohol, premium coffee drinks, amenities like the spa/hair salon, and excursions cost extra. Things like wifi, tips, and all dining are included in your fare.

How many passengers can the Valiant Lady hold?

Valiant Lady accommodates 2,700 passengers and 1,150 crew members.

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