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Episode #8 What The Fab Podcast: Everything You Need to Know About the Covid Vaccine with Dr. Jenny Ting

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#8: We’re sharing everything you need to know about the C0VID vaccine in today’s interview with Dr. Jenny Ting. Dr. Ting is a distinguished professor of genetics at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is the president of the American Association of Immunology where she just recently virtually hosted Dr. Anthony Fauci where he shared updates on C0VID and the vaccine. In this in-depth conversation, we discuss: 

– How the vaccine works, how RNA is being used for the first time in this vaccine, and why it’s safe

– Her predictions on when young, healthy people will get access to the vaccine and other factors this is dependent on

– Side effects that you should be aware of

– Whether pregnant women and children can get the vaccine, and lots more!

I learned a ton from this conversation and I think you will too, so be sure to share this episode with your family and friends so that they are aware, because knowledge is power. 

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