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Urban Remedy

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Since it’s practically February, I think the whole, “New Year, New You!” thing has calmed down a bit—thank goodness. However, I’ll be the first to admit that I needed to reset my palate and cravings after a super indulgent holiday season if I had any hopes of getting my healthy eating back on track. Cue Urban Remedy, to the rescue.
Urban Remedy has a great selection of juice cleanses and healthy meal kits that make it super easy to stick to a three day cleanse. I’ve done juice cleanses in the past, and the worst is when you feel like you don’t have enough juices to make it through the day. One time during day three of a five day cleanse, I nearly clawed Omied’s face off when he tried to drink my last almond milk of the day. It wasn’t pretty. Fortunately, I found that Urban Remedy’s Metabolism Kit came with more than enough food/juices to keep me satiated, and I even shared some with Omied.
food blogger 5
Their salads were delicious! This shredded kale salad was one of my favs, but I also loved the kale chips as a snack.
food blogger 2
food blogger 3
food blogger 4
food blogger
I loved doing this metabolism cleanse. It was definitely the easiest cleanse I’ve ever done, and I looked and felt great afterwards, and managed to shed a couple pounds over three days. How are you guys kickstarting healthy eating in the new year?

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