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Three Ways to Gift Tieks for the Holidays

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You guys know I’m a huge fan of Tieks, and my collection is ever-growing (read about why they’re my go-to flats for traveling here)!

I’ve also gotten both my mom and sister obsessed with Tieks, and they’ve become their favorite flats too.

When we were all in Rome together, there’d be days where we’d be out sightseeing and all three of us were wearing different pairs of Tieks.

I joked that we should all get the same pair of Tieks and wear them out together and be matchy-matchy triplets (my mom strongly dislikes matching, lol).

This holiday season, I’m gifting my mom and sister a brand new pair of beautiful Tieks! They are beyond excited.

Tieks makes it so easy to deliver the perfect holiday gift for a lucky gal, and I’m going through the cute ways you can surprise a special lady with a Tieks gift below!

Three Ways to Gift Tieks for the Holidays

Physical Pair

Who wouldn’t want to find a pair of Tieks under the tree??

If you know your recipient’s size and style, this is my favorite way to gift Tieks.

Another wonderful thing about gifting a pair of Tieks is there is zero wrapping required on your end. The packaging of a pair of Tieks is already so beautiful, down to every last detail, so you don’t need to do a thing!

Tieks’ customer service is fantastic, so if your recipient needs to swap out a pair for a different size, or just sees a style she likes better, they make that process very easy, and of course, free.

Gift Card

You can also gift someone a physical Tieks gift card, so they can pick out their pair of Tieks themselves.

The gift card comes in a mini-size Tieks box with their signature sparkly flower on top, and it is absolutely adorable.

It’d be so cute tucked into or under a Christmas tree, or inside a stocking!


You can also electronically send either a specific pair of Tieks or a Tieks E-Gift Card.

If you E-Gift a specific pair, your recipient will receive an email notifying her of her gift, and she can then select her size and confirm or change the style before your gift ships directly to her door.

And with the Tieks E-Gift Card, your gift is delivered with your personal message to their email, and it never expires. You choose the amount, they choose the style. So easy, right?

This is a great option if you’ve left your holiday shopping to the last possible moment and don’t have time to wait for shipping—you can send that gift right now!

Oh wait, I forgot about the fourth way to gift Tieks this year…treating yourself! I’m eyeing their new, gorgeous Rouge Suede pair. It’s Tieks’ first suede flats and they look so luxe, plus I love the deep red color for the holidays!

Tieks really are such a wonderful gift, and I know any gal would be so stoked to receive a pair, or a contribution to a pair through a gift card!

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