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The Color Factory

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Last week Omied and I finally made it to The Color Factory. This pop-up exhibit in SF has probably been all over your Instagram feed, and it’s interesting to see how these “experiential” pop-ups that are basically all for the ‘gram are becoming so popular. We had a fun date night at The Color Factory, but there were definitely times where I felt like I was in that Insta episode of Black Mirror. I did love that they had photo spots set up throughout the exhibit, and you could just swipe your card with your QR code to have your pic taken and emailed to you. So smart!

To be totally honest, we had just been to the Museum of Ice Cream the week before (pics here), and while that totally surpassed our expectations, The Color Factory left us slightly underwhelmed. Maybe it was because by the time we were able to visit, it had already been Instagrammed to death (how many people did you see popping out of those damn ribbons like they came up with that boomerang?). The ball pit was by far our favorite room, and if it wasn’t so hot and stuffy in there we probably could have spent hours feeling like a kid at an old school McDonald’s. You know, the ones with the giant playground and ball pit. I’m still trying to figure out how I can incorporate one into my next Google event.

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