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Take your Shoedazzle style quiz!

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Spring shoes are my absolute favorite. When else is there an abundance of candy-colored confections of shoes?? I just took my style quiz on Shoedazzle, and they curated an entire online showroom for me based on my quiz, and this spring’s trends. You’ve probably heard of Shoedazzle along with Kim Kardashian, one of the founders. And Rachel Zoe (love) is their new style curator! So all the shoes are chosen by her. The style quiz is really fun and helps make sure your showroom gets filled with pieces you love. And, their shoes are super inexpensive! 
Here are some of my favorite ones that popped up in my showroom! 
Take your own style quiz on Shoedazzle to find your perfect sole-mate this spring!
Thanks to Shoedazzle for sponsoring this post!

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Mike Petrovich

Thursday 3rd of November 2016

Have you heard the buzz about ShoeDazzle? It's an online shoe society that is got everybody talking. In my ShoeDazzle survey I'll give you within scoop on this energizing new administration. daily crossword/a puzzle