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london in a day, by travel blogger What The Fab

London in A Day

London is a truly great city—a global hub of just about everything you could ever want or need. It’s filled with awesome history and amazing architecture, mystifying museums, and gorgeous galleries. Its iconic sites are endless—from famous toy stores and clock towers to black cabs, red buses, and the London Underground, you’ll never be too …

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Tea Time at The Berkeley

While we were in London I wanted to be sure to experience high tea. As I quickly found out, Londoners take their tea very seriously, and all the popular spots are booked out a month or two in advance for weekend reservations. I quickly jumped on some rezzies for Prêt-à-Portea at The Berkeley hotel. The …

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Sketch London outfit by popular San Francisco travel blogger What the Fab

Sketch London

SKETCH LONDON REVIEW You may have seen Sketch London on your Instagram and Pinterest feeds as the super cute pink place to have tea in London. I couldn’t wait to visit this Insta-famous spot, and it was one of the first places I went for a night out. Jen and I went for late night dinner …

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