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September Instagram Fashion

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Super not sure how it could possibly be October already, but here we are! Most of my September was spent focused on prepping for and executing events at Grace Hopper, the largest women in computing conference in the world. Captions read clockwise, starting with the upper left. Check out more of my Instagram fashion, @wtfab.

September Instagram Fashion:

Wine tasting at a new (to me) spot that has become one of my Napa favorites, Odette.

Exploring St. Supery’s gorgeous grounds.

Brb, running to find more wine.

Wine tasting along the riverfront at Blackbird Vineyards.

Starting to really get into Barry’s to supplement my other HIIT workouts!

We celebrated our three year wedding anniversary last month. ?

My sister and I did a huge bake sale at Dolores Park to help raise money for the volunteer trip I’m doing to Peru later this month. We raised just over $1,000!

Team bonding at the Houston Aquarium, home to fish, bengal tigers, and carnival rides. It was a little weird.

Ready to kick off our week at Grace Hopper.

My favorite moment at GHC: When hundreds of attendees spontaneously burst into singing “Happy birthday to Google” on our 20th anniversary. ❤️

September Instagram Fashion featured by top San Francisco fashion blog What The Fab

Loving this crochet lace bodysuit from Vici!

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