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September, instagrammed

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September was packed with travel, so it was a fun-filled month, but it completely flew by. Pretty hard to believe it’s October already! (Captions read clockwise, starting from upper left)
1. Quick trip to LA means I get to see one of my best friends from high school and
her super cute apartment. Love this vintage stairway.
2. My friend Allison is an amazing artist. Very Black Swan.
3. Bella, Allison’s adorable pup.
4. Another AB original.
1. Stopped by Diddy Reese for old time’s sake! Still dirt cheap. Still delicious.
2. Missed you, Bruin Bear.
3. Visiting UCLA made me super nostalgic. Royce Hall, lookin fabulous as ever.
4. My friend Anupreet’s new pug, Princess!
1. My boyfriend and I stayed with his cousin and his gf. She’s a doc, and had this
awesome stuffed sperm + egg combo in the guest room. Made me smile.
2. Night out with Anupreet!
3. Any club that offers chocolate strawberries gets rave reviews from me.
4. Pretty flowers while taking Princess for walk.
1. Persian wedding time! The beautiful Sofreh.
2. Pop of color!
3. Off to Gualala, a sleepy little beach town about a 3 hr drive north of SF.
4. Headin up the Golden Gate Bridge to spend the weekend with my fam.
1. Amazing view from the house my fam rented in Gualala.
2. Sunset in Sea Ranch.
3. Gorgeous! Can I move here??
4. My dad went diving for abalone. In. Cred. Ible. 
1. Hopped on a red-eye to DC and got to explore a bit! First stop, Lincoln Memorial.
2. Chillin at the capitol
3. Washington Monument
4. Feeling very Night at the Museum. @ the Natural History Museum
1. Visited my little sis at UCSC. She would have a poster like this in her room.
2. Yummy/pretty coffee is my fav.
3. Toasted marshmallow fluff is my new favorite garnish.
4. The Beau made Kung Pao chicken tacos. Recipe from CookingLight. Another winner!
1 and 2. Palace of Fine Arts
3. Playing at the Exploratorium
4. This was actually a double rainbow, but it wouldn’t fit in the frame. It was amazing!

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Thursday 4th of October 2012

Thanks so much! I'll definitely check out your instagram, and your blog.

Alyssa May Edwards

Wednesday 3rd of October 2012

These pictures are awesome!! I need to follow you on instagram!! Mine is alyssamayedwards:) I hope you had a great day!!