Santa Barbara Trip

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Last month I took a trip down to Santa Barbara with some of my friends from grad school. One of them is getting his PhD at UCSB, so we used it as an excuse to reunite in paradise. I’d never been, and it was absolutely gorgeous. Some day when I retire filthy rich, it’ll be there. We took a quick tour of the campus, which was beautiful, and also happens to be where my parents met (awww). We also relaxed at Arroyo beach, where we saw dolphins! I freaked, because I’m slightly obsessed with dolphins. And sea creatures in general. They were about 50 yards out and I decided to go out and swim with them šŸ™‚ It was awesome. Until I started to freak myself out (oh, was that a dolphin fin…or a shark fin…?) and decided to swim back to shore. Our dear friend Anupreet showed up at the beach with a freshly baked Nutella cake (YUM) and her pug, Princess. We also hit up some yummy Mexican restaurants and downtown. P.S. Did you know UCSB has a lagoon? Jelly.



  1. Love the photos! We were just there two weeks ago! Beautiful place and so many cool restaurants, shopping, bars and wineries! Glad you had a wonderful time!

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    Is that a whale that is jumping out in the water? What an amazing shot.

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    It's a dolphin!! It was so awesome seeing them playing and jumping!

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    šŸ™‚ I don't think I could ever get sick of the beach!

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    Awesome! I'm sure you had a fabulous time too. Hard not to!

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    Thx! It was beautiful…

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