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Ritual Vitamins: Why I Love Them and Why I Pack Them When I Travel

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It feels so good to be back on my travel blogger game this spring/summer! We’ve got a packed itinerary over the next few months and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m getting back in my travel groove, and one thing I always make sure to pack is my Ritual multivitamins. I take the Essential for Women 18+, and I never miss a day, whether I’m at home or abroad.

I love that Ritual’s multivitamins are formulated to help fill key nutrient gaps in the diet. I feel like that’s always important, but especially when I’m traveling and out of my normal routine (aka not eating the best, lol) it’s essential. 

Plus, Ritual’s design combines oily and dry ingredients in one product, so I don’t have to take multiple different pills. I remember back in the day I used to take a different vitamin for omega 3, iron, vitamin D…and on and on.

It was definitely more than I was willing to pack in my suitcase, so I’d just forgo taking my vitamins while I was traveling. With Ritual, just 2 pills a day gets me key nutrients.

Ritual is super transparent about their process and ingredients—they show you each labeled ingredient, their suppliers, and clinical studies on their website. It’s such a relief to know that there are no GMOs or artificial colorants and they use vegan-friendly ingredients.

Ritual has been my go-to multivitamin for a couple of years now and it’s such a relief to know that I can feel good about taking their vitamins every day. If you’d like to give Ritual a try, you can get click HERE to add them to your routine!

Thank you to Ritual for sponsoring this post! 

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