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Printable Galentine’s Day Cards

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Valentine’s Day is kind of a silly made up holiday, but I’ll take any excuse to celebrate my loved ones. That’s why I think Galentine’s Day is so fun! What’s better than getting together with your best gal pals just because? Whether you’re hosting a Galentine’s Day get together at your place, doing a Galentine’s Day happy hour, or your favorite Galentine is across the country, show them how much you love and appreciate them by surprising them with fun Galentine’s Day cards. I made a bunch of cute and silly printable Galentine’s Day cards you can use! They’re a mix of sweet and sassy and I made 11 different Galentine’s Day cards to choose from. You have a couple options on how you can use them. You can either view all of the printable Galentine’s Day cards in this Google doc (print them all, or pick just a few favorites), and print and fold them in half so you have a little card that you can write on the inside of. Or feel free to grab the images directly from this Dropbox folder, and share them with your Galentines digitally, whether it’s a text, email, or in an Insta Story. However you share them, I hope they make your Galentine’s day…on Galentine’s Day! ? See what I did there? If you do post them on social, or take a pic of your physical cards that you print, please tag me @wtfab, as I’d love to see them! Happy Galentine’s Day!

Galentine’s Day Cards

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