October, Instagrammed

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October was SUCH a fun month! My birthday was the 21st, and every weekend of October ended up being some kind of celebration. I felt so spoiled by my friends and family! At the beginning of the month I went on a trip to Santa Barbara with my grad school friends. I’d never been, and omg it’s gorgeous. While relaxing on the beach a couple pods of dolphins came to hang out and I went out and swam with them!! It was amazing. I’m kinda obsessed with dolphins. My bday weekend involved partying with my lady friends, and a romantic day planned out by my honey. Captions read top to bottom, left to right. Follow me on Instagram: @WTFab

1. Did you know UCSB’s campus has a lagoon? Not too shabby.
2. Our canopy for the day. So lovely.
3. Anupreet baked a Nutella cake and we celebrated our bdays on the beach.
4. I really like dolphins.
1. Dinner in downtown Santa Barbara.
2. My boyfriend and I got tix to Obama’s fundraiser concert in SF! Awesome to see
him speak in person.
3. Sunset on a drive back to the city.
4. The Palace Hotel for an awards ceremony for work.
1. Spent the weekend with my fam in Carmel. Gorgeous view from our room.
2. Sea horses hugging. Can’t think of anything sweeter.
3. Eggs Benedict + Crab = Heavenly.
4. Dyawww baby Tabasco.
1. Bday cake at the office! So rich and creamy.
2. Bi-Rite Ice Cream cake! Snickerdoodle ice cream with chocolate ganache. zomg.
3. Kate Spade earrings from my BF4L Allison.
4. Bday sunflowers.
1. Cute bday card from my momma. She knows me so well!
2. Out with the girls for my bday! They made my birthday weekend so special.
3. Every eye shadow color imaginable at Bare Escentuals.
4. View of the cargo ships over dinner and drinks.
My boyfriend planned a romantic bike ride and picnic for my birthday.
Views from the south, on top of, and north of the Golden Gate Bridge.
1. We made it all the way to the Point Bonita Lighthouse!
2. Bridge to the lighthouse.
3 &4. More gorgeous views on our bike ride.
1. Umami Burger. Ridic.
2. Gourmet cheese platter. I <3 stinky cheese.
3. Macaroons!
4. Taste testing at work for our holiday gifts. 
1. Big ol’ pumpkins outside of Whole Foods.
2. Proud of our Cap’n Crunch & Hello Kitty pumpkins!
3. Adorable pumpkins outside near our office.
4. Jem, mermaid, ref, & Lt. Dangle. Happy Halloween!



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    Aw glad you like them Daisy 🙂

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    Thanks! It was a beautiful month!

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  5. Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂


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