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November, Instagrammed

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I’m finding it hard to believe that it’s December and 2016 is about to come to a close! With the election and a bit of travel for work and for Thanksgiving, last month was a bit of a blur. But now I’m looking forward to enjoying the holiday season! Captions read clockwise, starting in the top left. Follow along on Instagram, @wtfab.
 Sweet surprise at work.
Finally tried Tartine’s Manufactory and it was everything I thought it would be—delicious, hipster, slightly overpriced but not to the point where you’re mad about it.
 Was so excited to cast my vote on November 8th.
The day after the election was a rough one. I walked by this mural and found its words to be very relevant that day.
Went up to Seattle for an event at our office and felt lifted up by conversations with other strong women I work with, as well as an attendee’s bright little girl who told me she didn’t appreciate the sexist remarks Trump has made. She was nine.
Balloon art in the Mission that made my day.
 Seattle views.
Serious Pie in Seattle is seriously delicious.
 Fun rides with friends at WinterFest.
Homemade pies for Thanksgiving.
Wall of Empathy in San Francisco.
 In-N-Out is always a good idea.
Jane on Fillmore has the best avocado toast.

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Friday 2nd of December 2016

Beautiful feed! x

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