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November, Instagrammed

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Who else is totally not ready to accept the fact that it’s December and we’re officially in the last month of the year? I literally can’t even. Captions read clockwise, starting with the top left corner. You can also follow along on Instagram, here.
Made a trip up to wine country. [insert multiple wine glass emojis here]
Brunchy in Petaluma.
Wine tasting at Bella Caves.
 Watching the sunset over the bridge from the Hyatt.
Missing these sweets from Laduree.
 Visiting our Google D.C. office. This floor reminds me of when Joey steps into the London map in Friends.
Cutest street in D.C.
Prayers for Paris.
 Delicious Filipino dinner at Bad Saint.
Loved this little cafe with world maps and spices every where you looked.
Pretty fall leaves.
Had an incredible dinner at Rose’s Luxury, where Obama had his birthday dinner!
Starting to get chilly in the city. Layers + sparkle.
Picking out an outfit for a presentation I was giving at UC Berkeley for their Fashion and Student Trends group.
Been wearing these Trina Turk kaleidoscope leggings nonstop for my workouts. Everyone keeps asking me where I got them (one woman riding her bike literally pulled over so she could chase me down the street and ask). They’re from!

Made these yummy warm fall cocktails and they’re so easy and delish. Recipe on the blog soon!
Rocksbox adding some sparkle to my day.
Ramen on a cold day in the city hit the spot.

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