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New Years Resolutions

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! I spent mine relaxing with loved ones, and indulging in good wine and homemade cookies. After all the overeating and lazing around my parents’ house, I’m looking forward to getting my butt back in gear, and like most people this time of year, I have a few goals that I’m thinking about for the New Year. I’m still getting used to my new Sprout by HP and I used my new dual touch screen computer to create a little inspo collage for my resolutions…
new years resolutions
I scanned three items that represent three of my goals for the new year, and used the stylus pen to write little notes.
1. Google Watch: Our Christmas gift from Google this year, I’m excited to use my Google Watch to monitor my exercise.
2. Headspace. I loooove the Headspace App. There are hundreds of guided meditation sessions to choose from, focusing on different areas of emotional health. I’ve taken a couple classes at Google about managing your energy and stress, and I’m planning on incorporating more meditation sessions into my weekly routine.
3. Nikon 50mm lens. WTFab has grown so much over the last 2.5 years, and this year Omied and I are kicking things up another notch as far as photography goes. For my Christmas gift this year, Omied surprised me by researching cameras and lenses and pulled the trigger on a new Nikon D750 and a 50mm lens. Can’t wait to put them to use for the blog this coming year!
What are you inspired to achieve in 2015?
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