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Wondering what you should (and shouldn’t) put in your media kit? This episode is for you! I’m sharing all my best practices that have landed me sponsored campaigns—as large as $40k—including two things most influencers don’t include in their media kits that will help you stand out

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The What the Fab podcast is a show where empowered women empower women through candid conversations, inspiring stories, and tangible life tips. Focused on amplifying women’s voices and helping you make more money online, host Elise Armitage is a digital creator who left her 9-5 job at Google to chase her dreams of being an entrepreneur. Let’s get into some real talk.

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Meet Your Host

Elise Armitage is the writer, founder,  and podcaster behind What The Fab, a travel and lifestyle blog that shares inspiration with a pinch of zest, served with a side of real talk.

On the podcast, Elise shares a mix of solo episodes that deep dive into  tangible business + life tips, as well as inspiring interviews featuring bad-ass women.

A firm believer that financial transparency is key for empowering women, Elise openly discusses her business’ finances, sharing hard numbers, negotiation strategies, and more in her podcast episodes.

Nothing is off limits!

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