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May, Instagrammed

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Oh hello, June. I’m totally not weirded out that you’re here. May included lots of travels, including Portland (for a bachelorette), Canada (for work), and Kauai (for fun!). I’ll be writing up a travel guide for a bachelorette weekend in Portland as well as a travel guide for Kauai soon. But in the meantime, captions read clockwise, starting in the upper left. Follow along on Instagram, @wtfab.
 Got to participate in a fun campaign with Lululemon and experience their new Enlite bra along with a class at Barry’s Bootcamp.
Impending summer got me feelin like…Too bad this wall got graffitied shortly after I took this pic. :/
 Koi fish at the Japanese Garden in Portland.
90’s dance party. I rocked a fanny pack too.
When in Portland…
 Hired a silhouette artist for the I/O Event in our Waterloo office and she was magic.
Toronto views from the plane.
Trying one of Neutrogena’s new colors for Red Lip Day.
 Strolling seaside in Kauai.
Hiking the gorgeous Kalalau Trail.
Coconuts at Ke’e Beach.
Shave ice at my fav, Jojo’s.
 All of the fishies! Couldn’t get over how turquoise the water was.
Exploring the bamboo forest.
All I need is my captain’s hat.
 Exploring the Allerton Botanical Garden.
Boat life with bae.
Soaking up the views of Waimea Canyon.
Just loving how lush and green Kauai is!
 We saw dolphins!! Probably the highlight of my trip. Love those cuties.
After this, decided that if the drink isn’t served in a tiny pineapple, it ain’t shit.
Stunning Na Pali Coast.
Some kind of ginger plant, I think. Isn’t it pretty??
Love these giant trees! This is where they shot the Jurassic Park scene where Dr. Grant and the kids stumble upon the raptor eggs.
Just a picturesque spot at the gardens where I wanted to hang out in the shade of the palm trees and bamboo all day.
Drinks and views at the Kauai Hyatt.

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