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March, Instagrammed

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Well, March felt like a year. At the beginning of the month, I was in Palm Springs for Alt Summit, where I delivered a talk all about how I grew my blog and my business. I met up with friends for a weekend in the desert after the conference, and we talked a lot about how Coronavirus seemed to be really heating up.

And then suddenly, things escalated so quickly. Omied and I started self-quarantining March 9th, because he found out he had potentially been exposed to the virus at a high school where he’d participated in a career day. And then a week later, shelter in place in SF was announced. And life has been real weird.

We’ve been self-quarantining for almost four weeks now, and we only just started bickering a bit this week, which I feel like is pretty good considering we’ve been around each other 24/7 in a one-bedroom apartment for almost a month! ?

Hope you’re all hanging in there! Find me on Insta, @wtfab.

Day 1 at Alt Summit!
Day 2 outfit at the conference.

Wrapped Alt Summit feeling super inspired.
The biggest piece of feedback I heard from my talk was that women need to talk about money and real numbers with each other more. We tend to shy away from it but it’s so powerful to talk negotiation and hard numbers, and the experience has really inspired me to be more vocal about it.

International Women’s Day vibes.
Shot a campaign for ThirdLove, which was super exciting for me—I love their beautiful bras!
Loooove this chic AF mani! Press-on nails have become my jam, esp during quarantine.

A couple of swimsuit looks from Palm Springs. Could really use a giant bottle of rosé and a pool rn.

When Coronavirus was starting to really heat up I was shocked when I’d hear people say they thought it was going to blow over in a couple weeks, or that they still wanted to travel. So I made this meme. ?

Love the print and fit of this swimsuit from Fig Leaves. Their tops go by bra sizing so it’s easy to find the perfect fit!
Greetings from…my apartment which I haven’t left in weeks.
Hard to believe our Maui trip was just over a month ago in Feb. Feels like a lifetime.

Figured since everyone is bored at home you’re ready to hear my 25-step skincare routine. ? Deets are in this post.
Been keeping busy with blog projects and making sure to prioritize my at-home workouts! These powersculpt leggings from CALIA are so, so flattering.
Plenty of time for cozy reading these days. These PJs are silky soft and on Amazon for $25!

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