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Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

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With just two days left of summer (how sad!), I thought I’d share this fun idea for making ice cream sandwiches at home. Last week, I shared my absolute favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Now we’re taking those cookies and making ice cream sandwiches with them! Here’s how:
1. Bake these ridiculously awesome chocolate chip cookies. And try not to eat them all before you make the ice cream sandwiches.
2. Select a pint of an ice cream flavor of your choice. I chose vanilla to keep it classic. With a sharp knife, cut the bottom of the ice cream pint off. Then, slice the ice cream and pint. This is going to make a round slab of ice cream for your sandwich.
3. Pop your round piece of ice cream out onto a cookie. This all needs to be done relatively quickly, because once your ice cream starts melting it all just gets really messy.
4. Slap another cookie on to complete your sandwich. I wanted to make my ice cream sandwich more festive, so I rolled it in sprinkles.
You could mix and match cookies and ice cream til the cows come home! The possibilities are endless. You could even host an ice cream sandwich bar when you have company over, with different cookies, ice cream flavors, and toppings like sprinkles, chopped nuts (pistachios or walnuts sound amazing). Sounds like my kinda party. Promise you’ll invite me?

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Miel and Mint

Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

UNreal deliciousness girlie. Thanks for sharing!Promise I will invite you when I make these ;)Hope you are enjoying the fall <3xox Nadia


Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

Lovely photos :) BLOG M&M FASHION BITES : V.