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Six ways to organize your home for the new year: Home Organization Ideas

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Home organization ideas, from blogger What The Fab

Home organization ideas

Omied and I just kicked off the new year with some serious Marie Kondo-ing of our apartment, and it felt freaking amazing! Nothing like starting a fresh new year with a cleaner, lighter, more organized home. It took a few days, and of course the state of your home always gets worse before it gets better when you’re doing a clean out, but it was so worth the effort. I also had a few areas that I wanted to create better storage and organization for, and thought I’d share the home organization ideas I’ve been loving since we added them.

1. Mail/keys organizer. We have this little mail/key cubby on our wall right by our front door, so that when we walk in with miscellaneous things in our hands like keys and mail, we can drop them there.

2. Over the door storage hooksWe have a few of these in our home now, hanging over several of our closet and bathroom doors. On one closet door, I’ve been using them to hang things like tote bags, purses, and backpacks that we use pretty regularly, and on another I have all of my scarves hanging from them.

3. Makeup organizer. I have a lot of makeup stored in many drawers, but I like the idea of having my favorite products that I use every day on my counter and neatly organized.

4. Drawer organizersAnother home organization idea straight out of Marie Kondo’s new Netflix documentary—little boxes/organizers for your drawers. Instead of having a bunch of little things rolling around in your drawers, having small boxes or organizers inside your drawers help keep things tidy. I also found these canvas drawer organizers that would be handy for clothes or larger items.

5. Wall-mounted jewelry organizerI have a pretty ridiculous amount of jewelry, and that’s just not changing any time soon. Having all of it easily accessibly and stored in a wall-mounted organizer like this one that also doubles as a wall mirror is a great option.

6. Shoe organizersSometimes Omied leaves his shoes all over the apartment and it drives me crazy. We’ve added a few shoe storage options at home and it’s helped a lot. My favorite has been using a hanging organizer that’s meant for sweaters in two of our closets. Since these hanging organizers are meant for sweaters, they have much larger compartments than a typical hanging shoe organizer, which means I can stack a ton of flats in one compartment, and nicely fit in Omied’s big boots in another. If we had more space at home, I’d love to incorporate a shoe cabinet like this one by the front door.

These home organization ideas are already making our home feel lighter and tidier. I’d love to hear any other home organization ideas you’ve found useful too!

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