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Gift Guide for Her + Holiday Shopping with Ibotta

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This year has been a doozy. Not seeing my family for the first few months of this pandemic was so tough—we’re a tight-knit bunch so I was missing them extra hard. 

But as the months have progressed, we’ve found ways to be together, whether it’s a virtual hangout, socially-distanced backyard get-together, or by staying home and getting tested before spending the holidays together. 

One thing that has come in clutch this year: grocery deliveries. I already had a lot of my groceries delivered before the panny (that’s what I’m calling it now, lol), but especially in 2020 I’ve been relying on these delivery services. And, great news! Ibotta has a new browser extension that gives you cash back on grocery pick up and delivery, as well as all your fav holiday shopping spots, per usual.

The browser extension makes it super easy to see if the store I’m shopping at offers cashback. For example, I’m shopping the below items for a couple of virtual Secret Santas I’m doing with girlfriends, and while I’m shopping these items I get a notification from the Ibotta app that they will earn me a certain percentage cash back. Since I’m shopping these on the Macy’s website, I’m looking at 8% cashback! (All offers were valid as of publish date. Check your app or browser extension for details, as offers change frequently and may not be available in all areas.)

Unlike other browser extensions and rewards platforms, Ibotta gives you real cash back—not points or promo codes that need to be tested. And they have more ways to earn cash back than any other browser extension!

Basically, if you’re not getting cash back on holiday shopping and groceries, you’re doing it wrong. 😉 You can sign up for Ibotta and download the browser extension here to start earning cashback today

Thanks to Ibotta for sponsoring this post!

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