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Holiday Cheese Board

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Big thanks to Dean and DeLuca for sponsoring this post. As per ushe, the content and opinions expressed here are my cheese board
This holiday season, I’m teaming up with Dean & DeLuca to create one of my favorite entertaining spreads—a cheese board! Cheese boards are one of my favorite things to bring to a holiday party because it’s so easy to put together a beautiful display, and they’re delicious. To start picking out the main items for this spread, I perused Dean & DeLuca’s products online, which is basically a foodie’s dream. Honestly between all of the artisanal cheeses, mouth-watering charcuterie, and gourmet condiments, it was hard to narrow down my choices. The Iberico Chorizo caught my eye since we were in Spain a couple months ago and were introduced to the wonder and magic that is Jamon Iberico there.  I also picked out the Point Reyes Blue Cheese because I love their cheese and a good, strong blue cheese. I quickly checked out before getting sucked down the tempting rabbit hole of other gourmet foods they have available online—you could easily get everything you need for your holiday dinner from them and have it all delivered to your doorstep.
Everything else that I included in this cheeseboard I already had on-hand in my fridge and pantry (ok, and my neighbor’s garden; thanks for the rosemary, *snip, snip*). With any cheeseboard I like to include a couple of preserves like the fig and tangerine preserves I used here. It’s a fun way to play with flavors and mix and match the fruit preserves with different cheeses—sometimes the flavor pairings surprise you in a great way. I also like to include a couple fruits and something savory to help cut the fat of the cheese and meats, and I chose some red, juicy grapes and pomegranates here for their holiday vibe. I added in a bowl of olives as well because in my opinion no cheeseboard is complete without them. And of course, wine! Don’t forget the wine.
What are some of the go-to foods you like to include in a cheese board? I’m always looking for new ideas!

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