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Free Lightroom Presets Mobile: The Best Way to Spice Up Your Photos

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Free Lightroom Presets Mobile, by Blogger What The Fab

Editing pictures are hard and finding the right settings can take hours. If you’re looking for easy ways to spice up your photos, free Lightroom presets mobile is the move.

All you need to do is install Lightroom on your phone—you can download it free in the app store. Once you have the mobile app you can now download the Adobe Lightroom presets onto your phone.

There are so many photo editing services to choose from when it comes to editing your photos, but I cannot emphasize enough how amazing Lightroom is! You’re literally getting a professional grade editing software for free—need I say more.

I love love using Lightroom mobile for editing my photos for Instagram. The app is super user friendly and has clickable help features to answer any questions when you’re first starting out.

When I have to edit a lot of photos for the blog, I like to use Lightroom Classic for desktop since there are some more features—to access Lightroom Classic you need an Adobe Creative Cloud membership.

I know there are a lot of preset options on the market, but I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite free mobile Lightroom presets.

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets

Free Lightroom Presets Mobile, by Blogger What The Fab

What The Fab

So you might’ve seen that I launched my own presets and, of course, I made a freebie for you all to try before committing to buying the full pack.

The freebie is called World Traveler and it’s a great neutral filter that will brighten up your photos regardless of the photo settings.

This is one of my filters that I always gravitate towards because it looks good on everything 🤩 ! You really just tap and the photo is ready to go.

If you’ve been wanting to get that curated and polished-looking Insta feed, all you have to do is start using presets.

I’m sure after using World Traveler, you will fall in love and want to get the full pack. If you want to see more of my presets at work, check out my Instagram for all my recent photos edits.

You can grab my World Traveler Preset for free, below!

Free Lightroom Presets Mobile, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only made 9 free Adobe Lightroom presets that you can easily download onto your phone and laptop. Their presets are so versatile and easily adjustable to whatever the lighting conditions are.

Their presets also have some fun settings to help your photos pop and stand out. For example, their free preset Viridi helps make plants or greenery more lush.

The Tropics preset helps make a photo look more whimsical and grainy to give you that vintage feel. Presets are the perfect way to have fun with your photos and play around with colors and lighting—the possibilities are literally endless.

Free Lightroom Presets Mobile, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Nicole Digi

Nicole Digi

Nicole Digi is a super cool photographer who ditched the corporate life to pursue her dreams full-time. She made 2 free Lightroom presets for you to try and experiment with.

Her presets will help your photos look more bright and bold. The presets you’ll get for free are Simply Austere and Simply Austere Cool.

The Simply Austere preset is the perfect edit to help warm up and brighten your photos. This one is great for creating that warm sunny day vibe.

While the Simply Austere Cool is for brightening and cooling down your photos—you’ll get more of a blue color tint. This preset is great for that cloudy day aesthetic.

Image via Presets Store

Presets Store

I love love Presets Store because they offer so many free presets for so many different styles.

Some of my favorites are the film and influencer-inspired presets. There are literally pages and pages of presets to choose from.

You can now easily edit your photos similar to how your favorite influencers do and start creating that dream feed.

All of the presets are super easy to download onto your phone and it takes less than 5 minutes to do. If you’re also into Instagram filters, Presets Store also offers a wide range of free filters to start using on your Instagram.

Image via Marc Tutorials

Marc Tutorials

Marc Tutorials has similar presets to Presets Store, except he does more trendy and aesthetic type presets. So you’ll find presets like Minimalist Film, Aesthetic Glow, Grainy Warm Film, and so many more.

He also offers free Youtube tutorials on how to edit the photos once the preset is applied—you’ll have a lot of options to play around with and develop your sense of style.

I really appreciate all the time and effort Marc has put into creating these fun and unique presets and the cherry on top is that they’re all free.

Image via Poleng Show

Poleng Show

Poleng is another YouTuber who makes Lightroom edit-type videos. So you’ll find a lot of tutorials on how to create those trendy Pinterest-inspired presets.

Some of my favorites are cozy warm, natural tone, or pastel tone—there’s a huge variety of presets to choose from on her website. Once you’ve made it onto her site, you can download as many presets as you want.

I highly recommend trying out her presets and definitely have fun with discovering your new style.

Image via Athena and Camron

Athena and Camron

Athena and Cameron are both photographers who recently launched some free photography education and a free preset.

They teach you how to edit different skintones so they come out beautifully. The preset also will give you a clean, bright, and natural feel to your photos.

This preset is ideal if you’re editing portrait-style photos. They also have a video on how to use their preset and get all the benefits to create the perfect photo.

Presets are such a good way to create a cohesive theme in your photos. If you’re looking to up your Instagram game presets will become your best friend.

If you decide to try out any of these Lightroom free mobile presets tag me (@wtfab) so I can see how you edited your photos!

Like the look of my photos? Check out my What The Fab Presets here to start editing.

Best Blogger Lightroom Presets


How do you get presets for free on Lightroom?

You can get presets for free on Lightroom by downloading them and then importing them into your Lightroom app.

Is Adobe Lightroom free?

You can download Adobe Lightroom for free on any mobile or tablet device. Adobe Lightroom for desktop does cost money and you will need a Creative Cloud membership.

How do I download presets into Lightroom?

You need to download the DNG files onto your phone and then you can import those files into the Lightroom app to create the preset.

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