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Faster Way to Fat Loss Program Review

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faster way to fat loss review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Faster Way to Fat Loss Program Review

So I’m a little nervous to share these photos, because I haven’t really shared anything like this on What The Fab before. But let’s get vulnerable, shall we? ➡️

I’ve been doing the Faster Way to Fat Loss program for 4.5 weeks, and I am SO stoked on my results. The program is incredible and I can’t believe the progress I’ve made. I’ve been posting Stories about this and shared on Instagram as well today, but I wanted to do an in-depth Faster Way to Fat Loss program review because I’m just so blown away by my results.

A little background as to why I wanted to try the Faster Way program. In January, I left my job at Google, which meant I also lost access to my awesome trainer there who I loved and had worked out with for years, and I needed to find a new workout routine. Then, my father-in-law passed away in February. Between eating Chick-fil-a at the hospital for a week and not eating well afterwards because of all the chaos and sadness that follows when a loved one passes, my body was not looking or feeling great. Combine that all with a minor injury that made me have to stop working out for weeks, and by the time April rolled around, I was really unhappy with how my body was looking. ? I wanted to make some changes, especially as I got ready for my Italy trip in May. I didn’t want to show up to Italy already not feeling great about my body, and then just make things worse by eating all of the pasta and gelato. I heard about the Faster Way program and decided to give it a try. ??‍♀️

I was shocked by how easy the program was. It requires prep and effort, but it’s honestly not that hard to stick to. The main parts of the program are intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and making sure you are getting enough proteins and healthy carbohydrates, which I was not eating enough of before. I had done intermittent fasting on and off before, and I knew it can be really effective. The carb cycling and hitting high protein/healthy carb goals was completely new to me. What I love about this program is that I always feel satisfied, never deprived or starved. ?? I remember on my first low fat day, my coach Morgan told me I needed to get my fats up, and to add a piece of bacon on top of my lunch the next day. I was like, bacon?? Umm, I think I’ll be able to do this program just fine. ?

At first I was skeptical because we’ve been trained to think we need to deprive ourselves and eat low-carb in order to lose weight. But after the first week I quickly started seeing progress, which was amazing and so exciting. You can see my before/after pics below from just over a month! The ab/waist definition is what I’m most proud of, but I can also see a big difference in my arms! ?? The program is usually seven weeks long, but I’m shortening my time to five weeks since I leave for Italy today and I’m planning on enjoying myself and all of the incredible food Italy has to offer. If I can achieve these kind of results in just 4.5 weeks, imagine what you can do with the entire seven weeks. I definitely plan on getting back on the FWTFL program when I’m back in the States, and am excited to see what happens if I stick with it for a few months. If I’m seeing these results already, I know consistency over a few months will help me achieve even more fat loss and definition!

My coach Morgan is starting her next Faster Way round on May 13th, and she’s also doing a sneak peek Facebook group so you can see what the program is all about! If you’re ready to join the program and get the bikini bod you want this summer, you can join here. The program is $199 and includes a ton of prep material, all of the knowledge on how to do intermittent fasting, carb cycling, workouts, meal suggestions for how to hit your protein/carb goals, and workout suggestions. You’ll also be added to a FB group where Morgan shares more tips, and you’re held accountable by posting your macros (your protein, carb, and fat nutrients) every day. The accountability is nice, but honestly for me it was the knowledge of how to do this program that was so important and that I just wouldn’t have gained anywhere else. If you want to learn more about the program and get a little taste for it before deciding if you want to sign up, be sure to join the Facebook group!

So that’s the scoop and my Faster Way to Fat Loss program review. Hopefully you can tell that I can’t recommend it enough! Unlike diets like Whole30 or Keto, I can see myself incorporating FWTFL into my lifestyle and consistently sticking with it. And if you give it a try, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way too! The results make it so worth it!

faster way to fat loss review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab faster way to fat loss review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fabfaster way to fat loss review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

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