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San Francisco e-tuktuk tour: Dylan’s Tours

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Dylan’s Tours: San Francisco

Now that I am blogging full time, one of my goals this year is to bring you all more San Francisco content! When I was working at Google and traveling a bunch, by the time I got my travel content from other destinations up, I really didn’t have time to be creating more content from San Francisco. But I’m excited to change that because San Francisco is such a beautiful city, and my personal favorite. ?So I’m excited to kick off more San Francisco content by introducing you to a super fun experience we recently had with Dylan’s Tours. We had some friends in town so it was the perfect opportunity to take them out for a fun day of sight seeing. We opted for the electronic tuk-tuk tour, which I’d actually never seen before around the city but it was so much fun! It was a drizzly day in SF so they put a cover on the tuk-tuk so we’d stay dry, but I’m sure it’d be even more fun with a little more of an open air situation on a beautiful day. The six of us got picked up in Union Square and we headed through Chinatown, where our guide told us a bunch of interesting stories about the Chinese mafia that we all agreed would make for an awesome movie. What I loved about this tour is how personal and flexible it was. Instead of a rigid route, our guide asked us what specific things we’d like to see and what we’d be ok with skipping, so he could tailor the tour for our group. Our tour guide even told us we could take a pit stop where ever we wanted to grab some food—for ex dumplings in Chinatown, or focaccia bread from the famous Liguria Bakery in North Beach. We ended up going with donuts from the Dynamo Donuts stand in the Marina. We ultimately made our way up to Fort Point, where we were able to enjoy some stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and snap a bunch of photos together.

We had so much fun on this tour and I’d highly recommend Dylan’s Tours for both a fun day as a local, or for tourists visiting. They have several other tour options as well, including a bike tour and a brewery tuk-tuk tour ?(which you know is the one Omied wants to do next!). If you’re booking a tour, use the code whatthefab for 10% off!

Thank you to Dylan’s Tours for the fun day and for sponsoring this post! 

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