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Bridal Bootcamp

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With just under three months to go until our wedding, I’m kicking my diet and workout routine up a notch! Here are three things that are keeping me motivated.
1. Urban Remedy Cleanse
I desperately needed to reset my bad food cravings after the weeks of travel I just got back from (unlimited Disney treats like Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzels and churros can do some serious damage). I love Urban Remedy’s healthy meal plans that are a mix of a juice cleanse and healthy salads and greens. I’ve written about Urban Remedy on the blog before, but this time around I was excited to try their new bridal kit! After finishing the cleanse, I’m back to my pre-traveling-for-3-weeks weight and eating healthy again, ready to take on the next few months before our wedding (and before we honeymoon in France for 3 weeks, where I’ll likely need another cleanse when I get back to the States!).
san francisco lifestyle blogger
san francisco lifestyle blogger


2. Jawbone UP MOVE
I’ve been using the Jawbone UP MOVE fitness tracker and the UP app to keep track of how much I’m exercising, what I’m eating, and how I’m sleeping. One big thing I’ve noticed: If you know you’re going to have to log your meal choice in the app, you think twice about getting in the cheeseburger line at the Google cafe and instead opt for a healthy chicken salad. The tracker and app are helping to keep me accountable, not just for diet choices, but also for getting plenty of sleep and exercise. Sometimes I seriously think to myself, “If I don’t go to bed now, I won’t get 8 hours of sleep tonight, and it’s going to show up in my UP tracker!” Same goes for getting my afternoon workout in.

san francisco lifestyle blogger
san francisco lifestyle blogger

3. Cute workout gear
It’s no secret that I love cute workout clothes! If I have something bright and colorful and fun to wear to my workout, I look forward to a sweat sesh just a little bit more. This Bride tank makes me smile every time I put it on, and the back has a big ol’ ring with our wedding date in it, which you can see here. It’s fun to wear when I’m #sweatingforthewedding #bridebeastmode.


san francisco lifestyle blogger

I’d love to know, what fun things do you add to your health and fitness routine to stay motivated?

Big thanks to Jawbone for sponsoring this post and helping me get fit for my wedding!

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Wednesday 17th of June 2015

Lately i've been doing ClassPass which is amazing!!

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